MyMink AW13 Presentation

28 February 2013

If you are living in England, Wellie boots are a must have, whereas if you live in Russia the only thing you won't (literally) be able to live without is a fur, with temperatures that drop below 25 degrees, fur is not a fashion statement it's a necessity!!!

In the UK, real fur is a complicated topic and you either love or hate it, I am firmly sitting on the fence with this one, but if you love it then I have found a company for you that ethically and sustainably sources furs, please may I introduce you to MyMink!

Founded by Russian-born Maria Wijngaard MyMink presents ultra-luxe furs in contemporary yet practical silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from the stylish Muscovites and the slopes of the Italian Alps,  bringing an 'old fashioned' material into the 21st century.

I popped along to their presentation in the beautiful and very fashionable restaurant Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge. What better place to hold the launch of the AW13 collection than this place, where you are transported into a beautiful cosy Russian home. Very lucky we are to have this in London as the one in Russia is actually in a secret apartment and strictly invite only!

In my opinion, I really don't agree with 'new' furs that are produced by companies that have no ethical values but there is no doubt that there is a huge demand for it, therefore, if you are going to buy it you may as well buy it from a company that cares about where the fur comes from.
Now for how these beautiful pieces are slightly more ethical than normal furs; MyMink only uses sustainably sourced origin-assured pelts for their outerwear.  This means that all the fur comes from animals that have been farmed specifically for their fur, so by buying MyMink, you're not endangering any species.

MyMink fans include Milly from Made In Chelsea, which is also where you will find one of their showrooms, situated on the Kings Road. My favourite piece has to be the ear muffs, which definitely will have to be in my suitcase when I next go ski-ing!


Studio 55DSL Launch Party

26 February 2013

As they used to say, what happens in Studio54 stays in Studio54.. well the days of Andy Warhol's den of creativity are no longer, but there's a new kid on the block in the form Studio 55DSL, part of the well known brand Diesel.

At the launch party of Studio 55, the same rules applied!!

Admittedly this little Style StreetStalker hardly ever ventures East and if I do it's always to Shoreditch and Hoxton, two of my favourite areas buzzing with creative media types, sure enough this is where the 55DSL team decided to hold the launch party for Studio 55! A truly awesome location tucked away under the Hoxton Arches in the venue called 'The Slaughter House' !

55DSL, have a rich history of supporting emerging artists and musicians these past 15 years and more recently through the StudioFiftyFive project. The project provides a creative lab for artists to make and showcase their work.

A cause that is very close to my own creative heart, they have supported street-style photographers Gavin Watson and Alex Fakso, and bands such as 'Little White Lies', acclaimed artists Best Ever and graphic illustrator MitchyBwoy

Urban culture are the fundamental roots of 55DSL, who have sponsored the likes of skater Tony Hawk and surfer Joel Tudor. The brand is designed to represent the fast-paced and vibrant lives of young skateboarders, tattoo artists, street performers and alternative musicians.

Set in a warehouse, we were entertained by the up and coming DJs Gorgon City and Sheffield's legendary Toddla T in the intimate space where one style rule applied  - don your beanie and let your hair down!

Le GrandDouche and I raved throughout the night, aided by our faithful friends by the name of Oranjeboom Beer, who sponsored the launch!

Toddla T on the decks.. in his awesome pug tee!!

There is something very exciting about StudioFiftyFive, started originally as only a blog, it’s now on the road to becoming global, showcasing and encouraging new talent on their new fully interactive website. They hold regular events, the latest being a very fun mammoth street party in Box Park in Shoreditch - be sure to check out others they have coming up on their site.


London's Fashionables

25 February 2013

It's been a great stalking week for the Style StreetStalker, here are few more snaps I took of the fashion folk down at Somerset House at last weeks London Fashion Week AW13.

I loved this dude, I snapped him on two days, he was looking fab all weekend!

The lovely thing about Fashion Week/the shows is from season to season you end up seeing the same people, I snapped this chick ages ago at my first Temperley Show and this year she was looking her normal fabulous self dressed in the most gorgeous silk jacket.

Fab Markus Lupfer silk PJs!!!

All Photographs by Style StreetStalker 

As I mentioned in my previous LFW Street Style posts this week is such fun for any street style photographer just because it's so easy to find fabulously dressed fashionistas. LFW Somerset House in particular is a great place to start if you are a baby Street Style photographer as the people there all enjoy being stopped so its the perfect place to practice!!


London Fashion Week AW13 In Detail

23 February 2013

No doubt one of the most important parts about choosing the correct outfit for Fashion Week is the accessories! Close ups are one of my favourite shots to do during LFW and this year, I was pleased to get some beauties!

What would this week be without sparkles and lots of them!!! Adore these sparkly loafers!

Perfectly manicured hands and stunning rings from no other than the talented designer Marina London

All Photographs by Style StreetStalker 

From studs, to spikes, to transparent bags with no room for 'lady things', these were some of my favourites accessories. In the first shot the leather gloves I simply adore and have been looking for a pair like this for ages... the hunt goes on!! 


London Fashion Week AW13: Street Style

19 February 2013

After yesterdays post here are the fabulous fashion folk we were going nutty about!!!

This season with the chilly London temperatures it was very clear the latest must have fashion accessory - the beany or bobble hat! I adored this chicks style mixing the colourful knit bobble hat with the smarter outfit.


All Photographs by Style StreetStalker

To all the photographers and fashionistas delight the sun was shining most of the time, so we had the perfect lighting and they had the excuse to permanently don the sunnies and what cool sunnies they were!!!


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