London Collection: Men - Part 2

14 January 2013

This year the Men's accessories were cooler than ever, starting with the shoe designer Diego Vanassibara. After graduating from the renowned Cordwainers, he started to design these beautiful shoes in which he has incorporated Mahogany and other unique woods.

All handmade in Italy, Diego's passion for design and perfection shines through his shoes! All us ladies can hope for, is one day he develops a female range! Check him out here.

Latest jewellery from Tomasz Donocik, the very talented jewellery designer who has previously worked for the likes of Stephen Webster. His new range is spot on cool!!

You may have noticed I have recently snapped a few street style pics with my subjects all wearing Dr Martens. Personally I'm not a massive fan of them but I have to admit I've been more and more attracted to them recently purely for all their awesome collaborations and new designs! I popped to see the guys at Dr Marten and talk about their latest collection.


From Harris Tweed to faux Alligator, Dr Marten are really pushing the boundaries of their traditional boot, which is appealing to the more fashion conscious individual.

The menswear collections this year were great and we have some exciting designers and collections to look forward to this year! The designers I have mentioned are all ones to watch, from the emerging designers to the emerged, everyone is starting to really push the boundaries of menswear fashion, which in previous years some have described donkeys years behind womenswear - now it's evident they are catching up extremely quickly!!



  1. Lovely blog :)
    check out my new post :3

    xoxo Cassie from

  2. What brilliant design and craftmanship! I would definitely be stalking these if they made a female's range.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm also stalking yours :)

    xx Mandi

  3. gorgeous pictures! love your blog and the mens jewellery is cool i'd quite like to wear one of those.

    Fran xx

  4. wow those shoes with the paisley fabric are incredble! Love the gun necklaces too- thank you for sharing!


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