Twelfth Night at The Victoria Pleasure Gardens

28 December 2012

On the twelfth night before Christmas, time rewound itself to the 17th Century and planted me in the middle of The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens! This may sound distinctively like a sex party but I can assure you whole heartily it was not!!! The Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens was a place where the folk of London used to go to and be entertained by the beautiful gardens, concerts, music and food in the mid 17th century. 

This was all brought to us by the Young Georgians which is the 'younger set' of the Georgian Group and all under the roof of number six Fitzroy Square, at their latest 'Georgian Townhouse Party'!

We all dressed up in our best Georgian attire for a night to remember! 

The gorgeous Emily wears a vintage Zandra Rhodes dress, giggling while having her picture taken by the talented photographer Tom Medwell  (and little meee!) 

Festive head gear!!!

Throughout the night we sipped many glasses of champers, watched the most beautiful ballet, danced a little ourselves in full Georgian style late into the evening!

The organiser and head of the Young Georgians; Oliver Gerrish and friends, Henry Conway and the beautiful Leanora!

This is the second Georgian Townhouse party I have attended, the first you may remember I was prancing around as a fairy - here's a little recap! The organisers of these fabulous parties are Oliver Gerrish and Sophie Edmonds of the event company Edmonds and Gerrish. Sophie is the talent behind Lady Greys, a dance and events company, supplying performers for the events such as the premiere for the latest Bond film's afterparty.

If you would like to join me at the next party, the annual membership is only £25 and it's well worth every penny with the parties they throw!!!

All costumes supplied by Edmond & Gerrish and Lady Greys



  1. Wooow this pics are great!
    Kisses Dia, your new follower!

  2. you look gorgeous, was your dress designer too? sounds like very fun parties


    1. Hi Clemmie

      You are too sweet - thank you so much!! My dress was a vintage dress designed around the Georgian era!


  3. Looks like a wonderfully opulent evening! Love your dress. And that house!

  4. That ballerina looks so lovely, and great picture i like the way they are black and white.


  5. I am impressed by the contrast between your romantic, fairy-tale dress and your intriguing, mischievous eyes and nose.


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