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9 November 2012

This fabulous Friday feeling comes but once a week, with the prospect of an awesome weekend ahead! Sooooo my darling Stylish Stalker friends, if you haven't started planning your weekend, here are my tips of what to do and where to go!

There's nothing I adore more than sitting in bed on a Sunday morning, earl grey beside me, with laptop on lap.... SHOPPING!!!! (or yes blogging!!) Recently I have become rather addicted to a brand new online shopping destination, which allows you to share your fashion finds with your friends and discover new items! It's called Rufflr and is seriously worth checking out!!! Find them here.

Look who is doing the Rufflr Street Style!!! Ohhh yes the Style Stalker herself!!! 

After a hard days shopping, it's party time!!! Check out the crazy Bourne and Hollingsworth, where they will serve you cocktails out of tea cups! 

I had the 'English Tea' 

After drinkies, if you're looking for the hottest night spot at the moment, the only place to go is the Brompton!! 

I toddled there for the launch party, which was awesome! Inspired by 1960s/1970s Chelsea of the punks and new romantics, this place attracts a very cool crowd with the music type of music that will not allow you to leave the dance floor!!

Ahhhh hangover time.....


Chill-out time!!! Grab breaky at Cocomaya on Sloane Square chelsea, the 'Big Smoke' tea is divine and this is the perfect place to chill after a heavy night out! This place is my Sunday ritual, tea, mini pastry, and the Times - little places like this is what I love about London!!

Glasses: Finley & Co 



  1. Oh my gosh i love this post! thanks for the tips darl!


  2. LOVE these photos and I can't think of a better pastime than online shopping ;) That party looks like so much fun--I love throwback theme parties like that!


  3. Love the idea of drinks out of teacups! I would totally go to a place like that.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Great post and I love the weekend pics. The jelly at the end is so cute

    xo from San Francisco

  5. Tres coooolll! I love the sound of the bar!


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