Dach & Sons

30 November 2012

I have very few vices in life including sweets or crisps, in which I can always resist eating the bag with ease! But I do have three vices which I am very bad with - those are sample sales, posh burgers and white chocolate! Two out of three of these are hot stuff at the recently opened Dach & Son in Hampstead.

Sitting proud under one of Hampstead's historical buildings sits a burger joint, but this is not just a normal posh burger restaurant this is the place of experimentation and all things fabulously delicious.

Started by the guys who started the speakeasy,  Purl just off Marylebone high street, in which if you order a cocktail expect it to come with smoke pouring out of it or martini's with spherified olives.

 This place is quite obviously connected to Purl, burgers are stuffed full of the best beef, Gruyere, and smoked lettuce! Homemade tomato ketchup is perfect for dipping those beef fat fried chunky chips in!

This place is a no go if you're on a diet - seriously just don't torment yourself as everything you will want to eat! The restaurant opened 6 months ago and has been a gastro hit with the locals and people in the know! They even have Purl bar number two upstairs which unlike the one in central London you do not have to book!

Moving onto vice number two; white chocolate!!! Ohhh don't get me started! I would travel across London for the Dach & Son nitro frozen white chocolate ice cream, it is literally heaven in a Kilna jar! Their Belgian choc is also diiiiiiiiiivine! 

This restaurant is the type of place you need to return a few times to work your way through the menu! As well as the burgers they have their own hot-dogs which have been made and developed by their in house butcher. All sausages are cooked 'sous-vide' (under water) at precise temperatures, than flash fried before being served. This makes them juicy as hell!!

Although I'm not a beer or whisky gal .. in D&C I am! - They take the art of matching beer, whiskey and food very seriously. Ask a bartender for a 'boilermaker' this will be put together specially for you to complement your meal!

So if you're stuck for places to eat this weekend this is the perfect one - brunch or lunch here followed by a walk on the Heath! Who could ask for more!!!!

Dach & Sons

68 Heath Street
0207 433 8139



  1. <~~Mmmm... looks delicious(mouth watering)a burger lovers paradise! :-)

  2. sounds amazing!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  3. This place looks amazing must try it, i can't believe i havent discovered it as i'm a north london chick! Have you tried Hache in Camden?

    Rosie x

  4. I love the way they creatively serve their food! the little deep frying baskets of fries and jars of icecream are very twee!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  5. wow the burger looks so good

  6. Omg, that foooooood look so yummmmmmmy!

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  7. yummm I'm, so hungy right now ;-)!



  8. that burger!! oh my gosh Im so hungry now. thankyou for your lovely comment xx

  9. fab pictures! drooling over the burgers!

  10. Wow my mouth is salivating, your post has made me so hungry and I've just had lunch!
    Love your blog


  11. Amazing photography! what camera do you use?

    thanks -Jak


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