That Little Black Jacket

16 October 2012

Twenty years ago I was obsessed with rummaging through my mothers wardrobes (still am) trying on anything and everything I could get my tiny little hands on, one day I came across one piece which still to this day, she refuses to let me have... Oh yes of course her little black Chanel jacket!! So when this particular invite came through post I couldn't help but smile remembering the teenage tantrums of not being allowed to borrow Mothers LBJ!! Twenty years on nothing has changed and it remains strictly away from my wardrobe!!!!

'The Little Black Jacket' is the amazing new exhibition by Chanel running from the 12th - 28th October. Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with Carine Roiteld to create a series of photographs of 113 celebrities and fashion personalities wearing Chanel's iconic Little Black Jacket in their own style.

The tweed slightly boxey in style, LBJ, has been an iconic symbol of the brand for decades, after being launched in 1954. What better jacket for Karl to photograph than this one!

Harper's Bazaar's global fashion director Carine Roitfeld, (previously French Vogue) styled each celebrity to perfection, in the style which best showed their personality, check out the Anna Wintour photograph (third down) -I feel this picture suits her to perfection.

Anna ...... ! Who else would it be!!!

Possibly one of my favourite goody bags to date - in it was a copy of the book! Wow comes to mind, this book is well worth investing in, it is one of the most beautiful coffee table books I have seen in a while!! 

The launch was as star studded as the book itself, with the likes of Amanda Harlech, Alice Dellal, Poppy Delevingne and Keira Knightley. If only I could have stayed longer to absorb the fabulous atmosphere of the event but sure enough my dreadful diary management meant I had classically double booked, so after a quick in and out I to dashed off to a Marina and The Diamonds gig! Fabulous days!!!

The exhibition runs until the 28th October and is being held at the Saatchi Gallery Duke Of York Square  Chelsea, and is well worth a visit. My tip for this weekend would be, before visiting the gallery, grab a bite to eat at the Chelsea market which is situated literally next door and has the most diiivine street food!


  1. Amazing wasnt it, i went this weekend and it was brilliant and they were even giving away free posters of the photographs, as many as you wanted!

    I love your blog by the way, I always follow it.
    Amy xx

  2. Amazing pictures -great post!


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