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8 October 2012

A month ago, an exotic-ness was brought to the streets of Chelsea, as Sarah Forsyth opened the doors of her first ever store. Python and beautiful leathers, line the shelves of her Kings Road store, once a popular cupcake shop!

From cupcakes to clutches, she transformed the kitchen below into her studio where she designs.

Sarah, previously a stylist for several of our leading publications, moved to the home of beautiful leathers, Florence, to study handbag design. Finally she moved back to London and started to develop her own range, five years down the line she is stocked in department stores across the country and now in her own store.

The brand is all about simplicity and beauty, using exotic fabrics. Python or snake skin clutches and bags are designed in London and made in Italy - almost too good to be true, but it is!!

Python, classically a very expenisive material is the main focus within the collection, Sarah has kept her mark up low to make these bags accessable to all, prices start at an amazing £169.

I have of course fallen in love with quite a few of her bags and can't quite decide which one to buy, either the blue python clutch or the pink... oh what the hell, why not just both!!!!

You can find Sarah here.

319 Kings Road


  1. Those clutch bags looks so adorable! I wish I could really feel how it is holding it. It must be so soft!

  2. Oh my goodness those bags are to die for! Thought they would be a lot more expensive. One of those bags are going on bírthday whislist thats for sure.

  3. These pictures/colours remind me of this small company I found at a fair. Its so difficult to find things like this in the UK! www.ostrich2love.co.uk


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