The Investment

12 September 2012

There are some pieces in your wardrobe which are staples, some you will only wear once, some you will wear twice, and some you will wear and treasure for your entire life.. Yes those are what you call fashionable investments.

So many people say when they see me wearing my Burberry trenches, 'oh I've always wanted one', to that I reply 'GET ONE'! 
I have wasted my money on a lot of things (and things yes I mean clothes and shoes) in life but the one thing I have no regret in spending my hard earned dosh on, is my faithful Burberry trench!

Recently I added to my collection.. Naughty naughty I know but it's an essential investment, right!! What I loved about this one, was the vintage masculine feel it has, I'm such a sucker for androgynous style!

I'm wearing: Trench; Burberry. Trousers; Zara. Tee; H&M. Wedges; The Kooples


  1. what a great trench! mils x

  2. I love your trench coat! Burberry are so cool!

  3. A Burberry trench will never go out of style!

  4. A trench coat is a must-have for any girl! I love your leopard heels! xoxoxoo

  5. oh I love it... Must get one sooner or later! I say sooner! Lol.

  6. I agree. Insteadcof buying many "trendy" items just invest in good coat or shoes.


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