The Cult Sneaker

3 September 2012

Three hints, guess the fashion item:
1. Waiting List
2. French designer
3. Wedged sneaker!

Need I go on.. no not really! If someone had said to me 3 years ago that there would be a wedged sneaker released that would create a worldwide fashion frenzy and snapping up a pair of these bad boys is easier said than done, I wouldn't have believed them! Oh yes we all know the sneaker and we all know the designer, so this post is not a 'look at these their so cool and new' post, this is a homage to what has become a cult fashion item.  

I snapped this very cool chick in Soho, wearing her delicious pair of Isabel Marants, I simply adore them, my favourites have to be the white and navy. Last March walking around the streets of Paris during Fashion Week, I spotted every other fashionista wearing them, unlike in the UK, where they were only just becoming popular. Soon other designers followed, Marc by Marc Jacobs did some extremely funky ones and this season have released them in black, I can't decide which I love more...

Isabel Marant hit the design spot when she released these sneakers a few seasons ago, the waiting list is still very long and Net-A-Porter are constantly sold out of these! With all great designer successes, the highstreet follows in seconds and copies hit the shops for us fashionistas who either don't have the patience to wait for the real thing or the cash!!  Some of my favourites are Office, Ash and River Island, which have some surprisingly awesome ones for the price tag!!


  1. Love them..Awesome:)

    Sara xx

  2. I'm obsessed with those Isabel Marant sneakers - love how you styled them!


  3. Stunning pictures, she has a really cool style. I love those trainers too.


  4. Great photos, I don't usually like trainers but you wear yours so well, especially since you got the pair with the wedge!

  5. OMG my fav sneakers of all time - i so want a pair but as you said they are always sold out! I even thought about buying off ebay, probably not a great idea incase they are fake! Thanks for the tips on the highstreet ones - which pair do you have?

    Sally x

    1. Hi Sally

      I don't have a pair yet but i sooo will soon! Saving up for the cream and navy i thinks!!x

  6. While I have seen these look great on some, I find them very hit or miss. Incredible what becomes a cult isnt it?!

  7. Hi!
    I have a bit of a fashion question; How much is a classic Burberry Trench and can you find it in all stores?
    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Anon
      Yes you can find Burberry trenches in all the Burberry stores and online, it's an amazing wardrobe item and you will literally wear it the entire time!! All the prices are online and classics start at about £500, around that price, it's an excellent investment!


    2. Thank you so much for your reply.
      Yes it really is an investment! A true classic. So excited!
      Thanks again. Have a great day

  8. Oh my!What's not to love here babe!;)

  9. Wow, very fashion and beautiful. I love Isabel Marant Sneakers


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