Style StreetStalking: Kings Road

6 September 2012

For over fifty years there has been one road in London which has always attracted the odd 'dedicated follower of fashion' - actually I'm sure the Kinks were inspired by this road when they wrote that song! 
Ohh yes what other road could I be talking about other than the Kings Road in Chelsea, once Boy George and Andy Warhol's stomping grounds, this place is a hive of fashionistas!!

I style stalked this chick on Sloane Square, I love this look of the baggy vintage denim shirt with office-esk short pencil skirt and booties! Tres Tres cool!


  1. She's cute! looks very scando!

  2. Wow, such an inspiration, love your work! :)
    check out my new post if you have time

  3. I love her look, the denim works so well.

  4. she looks so stunning and beautiful with that dope shirt and boots! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Where are those boots from? I have been looking for a short pair like that for ages! I love your blog, the pictures are beautiful.

    Andy x


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