LFW: Somerset Stalking

21 September 2012

There is no doubt that one of the most fabulous things about Fashion Week are the people and like bees around a honey pot, all the most stylish swarm around Somerset House, the hub of Style!!!!

As you know I'm a sucker for anything spiky!!! I adore this blogger, he is so outrageously cool, I also spotted him at the Burberry show the day after!

Like me there are hundreds of style bloggers there all snapping away, but we all love being style snapped!!!

I adore this chicks style, she also has the coolest blog!

Once situated at National History Museum, Fashion Week moved to an equally stunning location - Somerset House is now the home and suits this fabulous week down to the ground!


  1. lovely street style photos, and I like the galaxy pants haha

  2. The guy with the wooden necklace is crazy cool! Who is he? Is he someone famous?

    Amelia xx

    1. Hi Amelia

      Haha I know he's fab isn't he and was so nice! I think he is but i'm dreadful with names and faces!! He was getting a lot of attention!


  3. great streetstyle! I love it!
    Let's follow each other on bloglovin'
    Hope you like my blog...


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