LFW: Ada Zanditon's Tigress Reign

20 September 2012

As the beautiful tiger wandered across the hot planes of the desert, she was oblivious that her life was in danger, as the hunter rose the gun to her shoulder, her finger pressed firmly onto trigger, the faint click, was the sound as she realised her fore finger and this time spared the life of this beautiful creature for a little longer......
This is the story of the hunted, the endangered, the beautiful, this is also Ada Zanditon's stunning SS13 collection!

After a weekend of show and after show, it was refreshing to attend the private showing of Ada Zanditon's new collection, which was presented by film rather than runway. A decision that Ada made so that she could achieve huge impact, which is something that is difficult to achieve on the runway. With this film she was able to clearly portray her main message;  the fight against the hunting of tigers. As well as Ada's, this subject is extremely close to my heart, as I have been a massive supporter of this cause since a young girl.

Not only is Ada contributing to the fight for this beautiful creature, she is also making her mark in the world of ethical fashion, by using sustainable fabrics only, for example Fairtrade organic cotton and Tencel are her current favourites, because they are machine washable - hooray!! 


I popped behind the scenes away from the crowd for a chat with the director Thomas Knights and an exclusive preview of the film. Inspired by Kill Bill, he shot this in the beautiful hills of Cyprus, with some awesome shots and lighting, the film screams sexy! No surprised that he was chosen by Rankin to feature in an exhibition showcasing emerging fashion photographers and has worked for publications such as LOVE, Dazed & Confused, iD, Wonderland, Marie Claire, InStyle and Vogue Italia.

As you can tell I'm totally in love with this film and after originally being a sceptic of this medium of presentation for a collection, I am totally converted. Watch this film on the full screen!

Ada Zanditon's ethical ethos has attracted support from big brands such as Ecover, read more about this exciting designer here.  I look forward to following this designer, as exciting times are in store!

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