Fifty Shades Of Coffee

5 September 2012

You are stranded on a desert island with nothing apart from your favourite shop... what would you choose?
Well after thinking long and hard about this question, I have out ruled clothes shops - I would soon get bored with only one shop, restaurants.. naaah, but cwoffee - now you're talking!!!  Yep sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees and StreetCoffee - paradise!

Sunday morning I was wondering back from Exmouth Market when I walked past this little gem and couldn't resist popping in for a coffee and a spot of slow Sunday chill time! 

Insanely awesome and edgy artwork hangs from the walls, with the window sills cramped with the latest issues of Vogue, Wonderland and Vice. Funky marble coffee tables sit in front of huge vintage leather sofas, while a projection screen plays episodes of Baywatch.

Love this Copper bicycle !

You may remember, I previously did a post on my favourite coffee shops, bettering them has become somewhat of an obsession... Until now!

Streetcoffee has three locations, this one is Gosswell Road, the others are in equally trendy places like Brick Lane and Bermondsey. Now, it's all very well having funky artwork and a cool atmosphere but the all important question.. what was the quwoffeee like? Two words to answer this: Fricking delicious! Using nothing but organic coffee beans and organic milk, this place oozes cool and has a rather cheeky attitude to go with it - if you are ever in the areas, it's a must visit!!!


  1. I've been to the brick lane one and it's so chilled in there i love it. They have really good soups as well. Great pictures!x

  2. Nice! will have to check this place out! where is Gosswell road though?

  3. Very cool place! lovely blog

    alex x

  4. hey sweet, Love your photos and you have bloglovin? Do want to follow each other on bloglovin??:))
    EDGYMIX Bloglovin

  5. I love this place too! they have such great things around that area.


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