Style Stalked: Nino

20 August 2012

I had 15 minutes before my next meeting, the question was; to FroYo or not FroYo... To FroYo of course! As well as coming back with a scrumptious blueberry covered Itsu FroYo, I aslo was able to do a spot of style stalking on the way! Happy Days!

To die for shoes from Alexander McQueen, worn with stacked beaded anklets, loving the fashionista look mixed with summer holiday chic!

The gorgeous Nino, heads up the Criterion, which she owns along with her brother.  Her effortless style caught my StyleStalking eye, as I am a massive fan of pencil skirts with rock chic tees, it screams carefree and confident. The mass of silver bracelets and rings tops off this look to a tee! 

Yep this chick certainly ticks every Style-inspiration box going!!


  1. Really cool style! i'm fan of the t-shirt and skirt combo too!

  2. i love the casual skirt/edgy sandals combo, excellent post!


  3. Cool shades

    <3 Kelly

  4. SO NICE! i love that the look is so clean, you look like that you are a person who really knows who you are and what you like to wear! It is a really nice detail with the "foot rings" ( i don't know what it is called in english)

  5. Whose the pretty lady? is she single?


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