Stalked: Made In Sweden

10 August 2012

Wandering down Sloane Street doing a spot of window shopping, I spotted this beautifully dressed lady, with her flowing blonde hair and effortless style, it wasn't hard to guess where she originated from...

This Mulberry bag is still one of my favs although I don't own one, it remains firmly on my yearly Christmas list -
Dear Santa, Please stop buying me socks and get me Mulberry!

May I introduce you to the beautiful Maria, born and bred in Sweden, she oozes style. Maria's favourite brand at the moment is Rag & Bone, a lady after my own fashion-heart! Wearing skirt from Zara, top; Club Monaco, bag; Mulberry. Watch: Micheal Kors. Bracelet; boutique in Ibiza.

Yes wearing something crazy and pushing the boundaries of your style/wardrobe (in the words of ADR), is fantastic but getting understated fashion right, is an art and I think can look so much better than someone trying to be 'fashionable'!


  1. Seriously fit! Swedish girls rock!

  2. OMG she is SO should totally set her up with that REALLY hot guy you used to have a fling with. You know that player from London and LA. Name begins with A.
    Yes, Adrian. Oh and set me up with him too please. In fact I am going to set him up with my friends after I'm done with him.



  3. good posting about Stalked: Made In Sweden

  4. I love her simple style and that bag is gorgeous. Swedish always looks so good


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