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1 August 2012

Recently the Style StreetStalker has been prowling round the streets of London and in result has style snapped some eye catching fashionistas!

When I’m not thinking about shoes, bags or boys, style stalking is on the brain! I spotted these two at a Dover Street Market archive sale a while back, they rock the East London chic to a tee!

The other day StyleStalking hit its climax on the bus – I snapped this on my Instagram, which I always do when I see someone stylish from a far, where it’s the wrong place to style snap them and simply a little bit too freaky to get out the SLR! All my funky stalking moments are on my Instagram, if you haven't seen them check out @stylestreetstalker

This gorgeous chick, I found on the very fashionable Carnaby Street, which is always stuffed of stylish individuals, all working around the Soho area. The present popular craze are Harem pants which as well as being ridiculously comfy, I think look fantastic especially in big bold prints.


  1. Great pictures and blog... I love that first girls style.


  2. Awesome paisley trousers!

  3. That Instagram picture is so funny - you are literally a stalker!


I adore all your comments!

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