Patience Is A Virtue

30 August 2012

'All good things come to those who wait!'

If only this saying was adopted in the fashion industry, as the pace of design, to production, to sale, to mark down, is now so fast that you could easily blink and miss it! Although, there is one designer who has taken the first step in slowing this process down and therefore, reignited the excitement of 'waiting' that was once for the clients of the 1940s Couturists. Oh yes this is made to order ONLY!

LEON NYC is a unique and rather special brand, headed up by the very talented designer, Peter Nguyen whose obsession with leather goods shows in the final product. I had the pleasure of having a little Q&A with him from his studio in New York City.

Peter, important question No 1: What is your ethos behind the brand?

The brand is essentially my reaction to the fashion machine today. Fast fashion has become such a force and retail stores are nearly carbon copies of each other (carrying all the same brands). My goal is to just essentially slow down, create at my pace. I tend to compare the food industry and fashion industry a lot because I see so many parallels; fast fashion is junk food, retail stores feel like family restaurant chains. I see myself as a local place making good products. The goal isn't to find as many customers as possible, but to find the right ones that become regulars. 

What was the first leather jacket you bought?

The first leather jacket I bought with my own money was actually from Robert Geller's first season. I started working for him as we were prepping for the 2nd season and the 1st season was in stores. I saw the leather jacket and I had to have it. So I tracked one down at a store in NYC and picked up the last one. Sadly, I made the mistake of selling it a few years later because I thought the money would be useful but I honestly can't remember why I needed the money. It's probably the only thing I really regret selling. 

One of the special characteristics about this brand is that every single jacket is made specifically to order. Lower production numbers mean you really are buying a very unique piece, so forget the days of having someone standing next to you on the train wearing the same jacket - never a great moment!! 

Leon also has extremely cool tees, the present t-shirt I adore and so close to buying is this one!  I am massive fan of anything which is unique, what can I say, leather jackets and funky tees, are the quickest way to this Style Stalkers heart! 

(Images Courtesy of LEON NYC)


  1. Amazing leather jacket!!! Is it vintage?

    GREAT post!

    Follow each other???

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  2. Gorgeous jacket, sounds like a really cool brand thanks! great post!


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