Nothing Is Ever Black And White

3 August 2012

50 years ago people used to keep diaries or scrapbooks, I still have mine from when I was 10. Always having been addicted to fashion and beautiful things, I used to make up collages and stick images I loved into this tatty scrapbook, from old vogue magazine images to theatre tickets, anything that evoked an emotion or memory. I found this book recently, flicking through it I realised I had picked prominently black and white images.. Why I wondered?

There is a certain romance that carries through black and white images, a nostalgic feeling. For instance a black and white film, always makes me feel like I am getting a glimpse of something special from the past, photography is the same. 

Although I work (blog) mostly in colour, as it enable a great depth of shades and contrasts, part of what I love about black and white photography is its more subdued monochromatic character and the emotions it can evoke. When I was 10, keeping a scrapbook was a daily addiction, like blogging is today - actually this was the reason I started the blog, a digital visual journal, a diary of what inspires me, catches my eye and things I want to shout from the roof saying 'wow look at this' !

Looking through my old scrapbook has inspired me to break from my 'colour routine' and work more in black and white ... I look forward to sharing this with you soon!

(Image Sources: Lissi Loves blog. Collage my own from various sources: The Spider Awards, 1x, The Today Experience, Danklook, Historical Newspaper)


  1. I love this post, beautiful images.

  2. Wow stunning pictures! I love black and white photography as well it always makes pictures look so much better i think


  3. good posting about Nothing Is Ever Black And White


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