Currently Obsessed: THU THU

7 August 2012

I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite emerging designers at the moment, Thuy started her label  THU THU, only 2 years ago and has taken the fashion scene by storm. Born in Vietnam before moving to Germany at an young age, she has been influenced by two strong cultural forces.

She marries these cultural influences through her designs, where West meets Far East. These are merged beautifully, unlike some designers which try to do this, lean more on the Far Eastern, resulting in the dreaded 'ethnic' look! Thuy's designs are far far away from this!

She explores traditional rural textiles with contemporary shapes and cuts, thus giving her designs a feminine and light feel, perfect for our Western market.

All her silk designs are her own, which she has created for her in Switzerland.

Her studio in the fashionable Hackney area, was presented beautifully and screamed New York Downtown style, with a sand stone brick wall, dark wooden floors with LPs stacked against the walls. Rails of next seasons treasures were lined up... much to my excited!!!

I fell in love with her suede embroidered jackets, each one is completely unique, using specially crafted vintage fabrics from Vietnam, which were sourced from skirts and blankets in Sapa, a mountainous region in North Vietnam. These were originally made by women of the H'mong ethnic group when a new baby was born, taking several months to complete. All her other fabrics are made locally using natural dyes.

Impressively her first collection was snapped up by Browns and soon became their top seller. She is now on her fourth season and is stocked in the uber cool Village Bicycle in Notting Hill, as well as throughout Germany and Worldwide, with plans to expand to LA soon.

THU THU has really done so well considering the company is so young, this is blatantly because of her strong brand identity, I am thoroughly obsessed and am already trying to decide what pieces I want from the new collection!

Watch this space, this will not be the last you hear of this little design genius!


  1. OMG her clothes are awesome, i want the jacket in the first picture - is that one of hers as well? Great post and pictures by the way.


    1. Hi Anna
      Yes the first is THU THU, it's gorgeous isn't it! i want all of her jackets! x

    2. Hi Anna,

      Check out our online store:


  2. Love the blog, love the post and LOVE VERITY!! she is a sweetheart and a stunner just like the photographer!!

    Cleo xx

  3. I'm loving those scarf and blanket prints! they look great as linings and trims on jackets <3

  4. The back of the jacket in the last pic is gorgeous! Is that in the shops now? Where are you stocked?

    1. Hi Ilona,
      Yes it certainly is, go to her online store, she is also stocked in Browns and Village Bicycle - which is a very cool shop in Notting Hill!

  5. Please, please, please post some of your scrap books from your childhood! They spund like they will be beautiful and I love black and white photography:)


    P.S. I love your blog!!!

  6. good posting about Currently Obsessed: THU THU


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