Chicken, Chips and A Formaldehyde Cow

27 August 2012

When you have a cow and chicken in formaldehyde suspended over your head, where else could you be but Tramshed! I don’t doubt, you have heard quite a lot about this place, as restaurant critics from all over the country have been going crazy about it, so I thought I would toddle on down and check it out those lil chickabees for myself!

This is the new venture from Mark Hix, which is more like restaurant come art gallery than your bog standard fancy eatery, exhibits special commissions by Damien Hirst. The center sculpture is unbelievable and any unconverted DH lovers will be converted after this, the cartoon on the top floor is also Damien’s!

If you are wondering why Hix has chosen these two creatures to have in the middle of his Shoreditch restaurant, you will have this question answered as soon as you take a look at the menu, there is chicken or steak! Fish lovers I would keep on walking to the Rivington next door!!

Starting off with a trio of starters, including Yorkshire pudding brioche with whipped chicken liver mousse, which was utterly scrumptious and very more-ish.  After a difficult decision of either chicken or steak, we went with the whole chicken, which was from a small farm in Wiltshire called Woolley Park Farm, all extremely free range and bred with love -it's dreadful to say but this really does comes out in the taste. 

The chicken arrived sitting on a bed of fries cooked in goose fat, looking just as arty as the works that surrounded us, legs sticking up, with a yummy ball of homemade stuffing on the top. After a few seconds of Yumming – Ahh-ring, our lovely waitresses trotted over with a knife to carve the beast in front of us!

The chicken was succulent and juicy and those goose fat fries are honestly orgasmic! This place also does take-away, so I am very very pleased I don’t live nearby, as I would soon be the size of a house!!

Downstairs they also have an art gallery called ‘Cock & Bull’ –of course what else would it be called!! Which I have still got to check out, as they have an impressive selection of artwork, here you can also have private parties and events.

Tramshed opened a few months ago and has been a raging success, if you haven’t yet been – GO!!!! You will need to book though as this place is packed every night, but it is well worth it, as this lil chicken and bull are a match made in heaven!!!

32 Rivington Street  


London EC2A 3LX
020 7749 0478


  1. I went here the other day with my boyfriend and it was fantastic, really really tastey. How long did you have to wait to book it? He had to book like 3 weeks in advance!

    Good blog post on it!

    1. Hi Milly T

      Actually i was super lucky made the reservation the day before, they get cancellations so its worth ringing and checking! Amazing place though i am totally hooked!


  2. Oh wow, this place look great! I must check this out next time I'm in the UK. I wonder if they will ever come to the states?!


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