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15 August 2012

After much anticipation, the NYC boys have graced the streets of Chelsea and brought us the Daddy of all pizza restaurants... Brooklyn Bite!

There are many things on the menu which are a must have, therefore, getting through them in one visit is frankly impossible! Lets just begin with the creme de la creme of starters though - Mozzarella sticks. Deep fried in light breadcrumbs, these are the ultimate dribble makers!

Washed down with their locally (Brooklyn) sourced lager, which considering I'm normally a lil cocktail chick, this slipped down very nicely, it's super light with bags of flavour!

I normally make a bee line for the pepperoni pizza, (or anything without pineapple!!!!) and sure enough this time without fail I did. But instead of the normal pepperoni, we were talked into getting the Halal one - reason being, more flavour and less fatty - so of course as soon at the 'H' (for healthy) word was mentioned I was all over that bad boy! Ilias the owner has specially sourced the best Halal money can buy, so the taste in incredible!

We went 'off road' with the toppings and chose a combination of Halal Pepperoni, artichokes, cheeeese, and red onions  - pizza porn in a big way!

Sure enough we hit the cocktails and totally fell in love with their own creation, Absinthe Champagne! Sounds deadly but it's utterly divine, they rinse the inside of the glass with chilled absinthe, so it has only a coating and then they pour the champers in!

A visit to BB would not be complete with trying their Oreo NY cheesecake, all I can say is, this dessert would make grown men weep if deprived of the last spoonful!!!

Surprisingly this place isn't just a pizza joint, there is an exclusive cocktail bar downstairs which can be hired for parties or events, thanks to Ilias's connections he has been able to cover the walls with some impressive artwork, including an enormous painting of Brooklyn bridge by a New York artist, opposite a toy train runs along the top of the wall, with graffiti from one of Banksy's right hand men - obviously no names were mentioned!!

I have often thought the Kings Road can be somewhat lacking in new and fun places to go, but this place is perfect if you want a chilled and slightly different new york style pizza place, I'm hooked and looking forward to working my way through the menu!

To Book:
Brooklyn Bite
342 King's Road,
London SW3 5UR

T: 020 7352 5057


  1. I need to go here, i love american pizzas. Great photographs.

  2. This looks delicious! I definitely need some of those mozerella sticks and the oreo cheesecake! Next time I'm in London you can guess where I'm going!! I'm sure my boyfriend would adore this place too.

    Gem x

  3. getting hungry looking at this!!!

  4. Pizza yum yum heaven!



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