Aerial Nudes

23 August 2012

It's safe to say us bloggers are pretty obsessed with photography, speaking for myself every picture I take I strive to better with the following! With this obsession comes the admiration for fellow photographers and since a young age when flicking through my mothers coffee table books of works such as Lord Snowdon, Patrick Lichfield and David Bailey, I have always loved great photography. 

Like actors, musicians, athletes, there are some photographers that really stand out from the pack, pushing the boundaries of the art to its full.  John Crawford a New Zealand photographer does this every time he takes a picture and is my new found obsession. 

'Aerial Nudes' are a recent series from his diverse collections, where he has shot a series of landscapes with a twist! I simply adore his use of lighting and beautifully simple natural style.

John says "his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast, don’t look too technical and are easy to look at and enjoy".  His Aerial Nudes caught my eye straight away, so much so, I simply had to share these with you guys! 

His other works are also beautiful working with horses and landscapes, as well as embracing new technologies by using his iPhone for a selection of works, these are incredible and something I would struggle to ever replicate on my iPhone!

(Images courtesy of John Crawford)


  1. Fantastic pictures!

  2. That's so funny! I love these pictures -really cool idea!!!

  3. Wow fantastic photos! Its like wheres wolly but with nudes



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