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31 August 2012

Aged eight years old, I used to spend hours rummaging through my mothers jewellery collection, trying everything on and occasionally popping on a ring to wear for the day. But sure enough before I would plunge my hand deep into the bucket of soaked sludgy black sugar beet, which was being prepared for the horses, the Emerald and Diamond ring was whipped away by her!! Apparently wearing fine jewellery in stables isn't cool?!

Today I still have an obsession with jewellery, although more rock chick crazy jewellery rather than the diamonds! Some of my favourite designers include Stephen Webster, Dominic JonesShaun Leane and Dinny Hall.

Another designer to watch out for on the jewellery front is Bex Rox, this is one of her Antelope rings - soo cool!

I have to admit my obsession with skulls doesn't seem to be one of my fashion fads, I love this chicks style and jewellery, I style snapped her a few weeks ago actually!

I love this girls rings, I snapped her at the London Fashion Week Alice Temperley show.

Like your clothes/styling, the jewellery you wear can really speak volumes about you.  I'm on the hunt now for some big silver rings with stacks of attitude or anything with skulls!

So whose your favourite jewellery designer at the moment?

Patience Is A Virtue

30 August 2012

'All good things come to those who wait!'

If only this saying was adopted in the fashion industry, as the pace of design, to production, to sale, to mark down, is now so fast that you could easily blink and miss it! Although, there is one designer who has taken the first step in slowing this process down and therefore, reignited the excitement of 'waiting' that was once for the clients of the 1940s Couturists. Oh yes this is made to order ONLY!

LEON NYC is a unique and rather special brand, headed up by the very talented designer, Peter Nguyen whose obsession with leather goods shows in the final product. I had the pleasure of having a little Q&A with him from his studio in New York City.

Peter, important question No 1: What is your ethos behind the brand?

The brand is essentially my reaction to the fashion machine today. Fast fashion has become such a force and retail stores are nearly carbon copies of each other (carrying all the same brands). My goal is to just essentially slow down, create at my pace. I tend to compare the food industry and fashion industry a lot because I see so many parallels; fast fashion is junk food, retail stores feel like family restaurant chains. I see myself as a local place making good products. The goal isn't to find as many customers as possible, but to find the right ones that become regulars. 

What was the first leather jacket you bought?

The first leather jacket I bought with my own money was actually from Robert Geller's first season. I started working for him as we were prepping for the 2nd season and the 1st season was in stores. I saw the leather jacket and I had to have it. So I tracked one down at a store in NYC and picked up the last one. Sadly, I made the mistake of selling it a few years later because I thought the money would be useful but I honestly can't remember why I needed the money. It's probably the only thing I really regret selling. 

One of the special characteristics about this brand is that every single jacket is made specifically to order. Lower production numbers mean you really are buying a very unique piece, so forget the days of having someone standing next to you on the train wearing the same jacket - never a great moment!! 

Leon also has extremely cool tees, the present t-shirt I adore and so close to buying is this one!  I am massive fan of anything which is unique, what can I say, leather jackets and funky tees, are the quickest way to this Style Stalkers heart! 

(Images Courtesy of LEON NYC)

Prorsum Parka Stalking

29 August 2012

Any ideas what us Brits spend half our time talking about, yep you guessed it, the weather! The UK may be an Island but during the summer we can kiss goodbye to putting our winter wardrobe in storage, because with the beautiful sun comes bursts of rain, rain and more rain! So when I spotted this Burberry Prorsum lightweight hooded linen parka I rushed to buy it, like a child in a sweet shop!

No surprises that this British brands best selling items are it's outerwear, we all lust after the iconic Burberry trench, which is spot on perfect for our British weather!

When I saw this parka coming down the runway in the Burberry Prorsum SS12 show,  it was love at first sight and I havent been able to stop wearing it since!! 

With it, I am wearing; silk shirt; Zara. Jeans; Wrangler. Rucksack; Souk in Marrakesh. Converse DIY Studded.

Chicken, Chips and A Formaldehyde Cow

27 August 2012

When you have a cow and chicken in formaldehyde suspended over your head, where else could you be but Tramshed! I don’t doubt, you have heard quite a lot about this place, as restaurant critics from all over the country have been going crazy about it, so I thought I would toddle on down and check it out those lil chickabees for myself!

Aerial Nudes

23 August 2012

It's safe to say us bloggers are pretty obsessed with photography, speaking for myself every picture I take I strive to better with the following! With this obsession comes the admiration for fellow photographers and since a young age when flicking through my mothers coffee table books of works such as Lord Snowdon, Patrick Lichfield and David Bailey, I have always loved great photography. 

Like actors, musicians, athletes, there are some photographers that really stand out from the pack, pushing the boundaries of the art to its full.  John Crawford a New Zealand photographer does this every time he takes a picture and is my new found obsession. 

'Aerial Nudes' are a recent series from his diverse collections, where he has shot a series of landscapes with a twist! I simply adore his use of lighting and beautifully simple natural style.

John says "his aim is to capture images that have a high degree of interest and contrast, don’t look too technical and are easy to look at and enjoy".  His Aerial Nudes caught my eye straight away, so much so, I simply had to share these with you guys! 

His other works are also beautiful working with horses and landscapes, as well as embracing new technologies by using his iPhone for a selection of works, these are incredible and something I would struggle to ever replicate on my iPhone!

(Images courtesy of John Crawford)

Stalking The StyleStalker

21 August 2012

So chilling out on the Thuy's rooftop in the Hackney, the talented lil lady behind the successful brand THU THU, we decided we'd play dress-up with some of her past and present designs

Of course I fell head over heels in love with her leopard pants! No matter what, leopard seems to always stay firmly in fashion, you can't help but love those stylish little pussy cats!!

I adore all of Thuy's designs, launching her brand only two years ago, her first collection was immediately snapped up by Brown's, now she's international - read more on her here

I am wearing Jacket and Jeans: THU THU. Studded converse: DIY creation/converse. 

Style Stalked: Nino

20 August 2012

I had 15 minutes before my next meeting, the question was; to FroYo or not FroYo... To FroYo of course! As well as coming back with a scrumptious blueberry covered Itsu FroYo, I aslo was able to do a spot of style stalking on the way! Happy Days!

To die for shoes from Alexander McQueen, worn with stacked beaded anklets, loving the fashionista look mixed with summer holiday chic!

The gorgeous Nino, heads up the Criterion, which she owns along with her brother.  Her effortless style caught my StyleStalking eye, as I am a massive fan of pencil skirts with rock chic tees, it screams carefree and confident. The mass of silver bracelets and rings tops off this look to a tee! 

Yep this chick certainly ticks every Style-inspiration box going!!

My Lil Hair Heaven

16 August 2012

Good hairdressers are a bit like men... when you find a goodie, you hang on to the death! 

Me and my new ombre hair!

There are plenty of salons in London, but finding one that suits you can be somewhat of a challenge. I found my salon 'significant other' 5 years ago when I decided to chop all my hair off, ever since then I've been hooked! Gielly Green, just off the fashionable Marylebone High Street is a boutique salon that prides itself on its outstanding customer care.

When you enter through the discrete door of Gielly Green, you get the feeling that you are escaping the city into a sanctuary of relaxation. Flicking through gorgeous books such as Mario Testino or LaChapelle, before you are seated in chairs, which go completely horizontal and level with the sink to have your hair washed. Let relaxation time begin with a 5-10 minute Japanese head massage!

Attracting clients such as the wonderful Twiggy, it's no surprising this place is extremely popular! They have even opened up a Blow Bar in Fenwick - perfectly positioned for me to pop in for a quick blow dry after work, happy days!!!

My friends often ask me where I get my hair done and I always scream Gielly Green from the roof tops like an excited child, oh yes, like I am doing to you now! This place is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a fantastic London salon, let the luxurious pampering begin!

Here's their website!

Brooklyn Bite Me

15 August 2012

After much anticipation, the NYC boys have graced the streets of Chelsea and brought us the Daddy of all pizza restaurants... Brooklyn Bite!

Let Them Eat Cake

13 August 2012

The 'Marie Antoinette' era has always been a favourite of mine, from the lavish clothes to the cupcakes and champagne, this is certainly on my list of eras I would love to have lived, especially after Sofia Coppola’s film a few years ago staring Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette (a must see if you haven’t already). Therefore, when I was invited by our very own Kirsten Dunst to a Marie Antoinette Garden Party, I jumped at it like a cat on a mouse!

Stalked: Made In Sweden

10 August 2012

Wandering down Sloane Street doing a spot of window shopping, I spotted this beautifully dressed lady, with her flowing blonde hair and effortless style, it wasn't hard to guess where she originated from...

This Mulberry bag is still one of my favs although I don't own one, it remains firmly on my yearly Christmas list -
Dear Santa, Please stop buying me socks and get me Mulberry!

May I introduce you to the beautiful Maria, born and bred in Sweden, she oozes style. Maria's favourite brand at the moment is Rag & Bone, a lady after my own fashion-heart! Wearing skirt from Zara, top; Club Monaco, bag; Mulberry. Watch: Micheal Kors. Bracelet; boutique in Ibiza.

Yes wearing something crazy and pushing the boundaries of your style/wardrobe (in the words of ADR), is fantastic but getting understated fashion right, is an art and I think can look so much better than someone trying to be 'fashionable'!

Currently Obsessed: THU THU

7 August 2012

I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite emerging designers at the moment, Thuy started her label  THU THU, only 2 years ago and has taken the fashion scene by storm. Born in Vietnam before moving to Germany at an young age, she has been influenced by two strong cultural forces.

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