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16 July 2012

For one weekend a year the flower power of the 1960s comes to the hills of Suffolk for a weekend of music, painted sheep, mystical forest theatre and poetry. So I donned the Burberry wellies and set off for some serious festival Style Stalking.

In the morning I joined the awesome 'feel good cleaning' team at Ecover for a spot of yoga, followed by some energetic Zumba in the afternoon. This very fun tent was one of the most popular tents in the 'village' which is the exclusive area for campers. As well as yoga and zumba, they had a photographer taking pictures of some of the crazy dressed festival goers that entered the tent, if your picture was taken this would be featured on the facebook page where you can tag yourself... check out some of Ecover's visitors here.

Bring on festival crazy at the Ecover tent!

Loved these boys in their matching bobble hats - bought from the Festival Oxfam shop!

Right opposite the Ecover tent was the Oxfam charity tent, which was stuffed with some amazing vintage buys, from sheepskin jackets, to rails of fake fur, to cashmere jumpers for £10, this place was buzzing with people every time I passed and had a wonderful vibe!

The VW camper vans were out in force in every colour, there were even camper van tents which you may have already seen on my instagram- awesomely cool! 

OK so we all know the UK is never going to produce a 'Coachella weather' festival so out came our festival wellies...

I loved this couple's style - totally rocking the festival look!

I'm a sucker for a guy in uniform!!

Festival StyleStalking is by far one of my favourite things to do, so during the day I ditched my friends at the music tents and headed off in search of some festival chic.. these are a few of the many I snapped! (Don't worry there are lots more to come tomorrow!)

After an awesome first day, I put my camera to bed and hit the night theatre and music tents for a lot of latitude lovin' !!


  1. I long for festivals like that here..oh to dream:) Great pictures doll xx

  2. Yay! Loved this! Can't wait for tomorrow's post! :) x

  3. Wow i love the girls glasses in the first pic .. actually i love her whole style!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I wish there were more festivals like this in the U.S.!

    1. But Lauren you have the ultimate festival!!! Coachella darling.. every festival style stalkers dream!!!


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