Morocco's Little California: Day One

9 July 2012

 After a hectic few months in rainy and cold London, I was in much need of some severe sun worshipping and relaxation. 
Hello Morocco!!!

I have a few websites I rush to whenever looking for holiday places to stay and one of them is the fabulous i-escape. They always have the most unique and reliably chic boutique hotels, this one was one of my favourites, Casa Taos, situated just outside the hot bustling city of Marrakesh is an Oasis of Moroccan tranquillity.

With its own orchards of orange, pomegranates, pears and quince trees, this place is known as 'Morocco’s ‘little California' '.
After our hour long full body massage in our room, fresh orange juice was brought to us which we sipped in our private orangery, heaven would be the ideal word to describe this. 

Echo the boxer reading my vogue!

Pick and peel... pure exotic luxury!

For our first supper over looking the pool, I wore; Trousers which i designed and made from some old Georgina von Etzdorf fabric my mummy had, who was the famed textile designer of the 1980s known for her exquisite silk scarves.


If you are anything like me, I often choose countries to travel to depending on whether I like the food, therefore, Morocco has been on my list for a while! 

Casa Taos is renowned in the area for being one of the most amazing private restaurants. From home-grown orange juice at breakfast to the delicious tagines, Moroccan tapas and coconut curries, the quality is incredible. Most of the produce is organic, picked straight from the villa's kitchen garden , including their own olive oil, tomatoes, salad and vegetables. At every meal it was almost impossible not to over eat and at the end of each evening I was rocking the 6 months pregnant look very well!!!!!

On our first day we decided total relaxation was called for! Swimming, reading, massages, with a little walk around their fruit orchards - yes, it was safe to say, Casa Taos enchanted us within seconds and this was definitely set to be an amazing holiday!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Looks amazing. I love morocco I go every year, next time you go, go to the Atlas Mountains they are amazing.

    thanks for sharing with us.
    Hannah x

  2. Stunning pictures! you lucky thing!

  3. Love I Escape! I was going to choose Casa Taos but changed my mind, oh well next time. Great photos!

  4. great style!

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