Moroccan Spice Trail: Day Three

11 July 2012

The longer I spent in this colourful and fascinating country the more I fell in love with it, from the donkeys and goats that roamed freely outside out hotel to the fascinating mix of Arab, Islamic, Berber, African and European influences, it is impossible not to get enchanted by this place.

On the final day we hit the wildly fast paced and hot city of Marrakesh for a spot of retail therapy
 in the famous Souks. Beautiful handcrafted items can be picked up for a song – if you are prepared to take part in the ritual exercise of 'haggling'.

'Haggling' comes naturally to some but for us Western folk it can be extremely nerve wracking, so here are some tips!!

1. If you spot an item you like do NOT pick it up or show any interest in it unless you definitely want to part with your cash!
2. When you have decided you want to buy the item, pretend you are still not sure
3. Find out the cost, then, express shock at how expensive it is and shake head!!
4. In your head have a top price you want to pay. Then half the price or more if you're feeling cheeky! The trader will show shock and look offended - ignore, it's all a game!!!!
5. Haggle, haggle, haggle go up a little at a time until you meet at a price you both agree on... speed it up by trying to walking away a couple of times, no fear they will always chase after you!!

In the afternoon we walked around the riads gardens and vegetable farm, therefore, in the extreme heat of the fields you have to cover up and sun hats are a must. This I was delighted at, as it gave me the excuse to wear my new '1920' hat.
Agatha Christie eat your heart out!!! 

A local goat I named Roger!

Percy the peacock!

Our last supper was one of my favourite, fresh sardines in lime and Casa Taos Olive oil, followed by chicken and lemon tagine.. Yum!

Morocco is certainly one of the most colourful and fascinating countries I have visited, from tranquil gardens to the people to the food, this place holds something special. 

Breathtaking landscapes range from miles of unspoilt beaches to snow-capped mountains, from lush river valleys to vast tracts of desert, as well as mystical walled medieval cities and Berber fortresses. It's a strange feel that this country which is so different to my own is only 4 hours away by flight, for this reason tourism is thriving in Morocco, which for us travellers is definitely a good thing. The maze of the backstreets of the Medina are safer than they were 15 years ago and are a beautiful walk, as you will discover some real shopping gems, selling unqiue items such as furniture made out camel bone and jewellery made by Berber women. There is a fantastic one which is on the way to the Marrakech museum - can't remember the name but keep look out!

Morocco is a must visit if you haven't already, it's a magical place and I can't wait get back there to continue my exploration of this amazing country.


  1. Great photos! Impressed you got some in the souk. When I went I had to move with the crowd as it was busy and wasn't even able to stop to get a quick snap! Loved Marrakech and will be going back one day :-)

    1. Hi Becky

      Thanks, yes you are absolutely right about the souks, i struggled to even take one picture! Also some of the traders hate it so you have to be super careful you don't offend them! Yeh its an amazing place as you can probably tell i'm totally addicted!!!

  2. You look cute in that hat! are you single?

    1. Hi
      haha thank you .. yeh cool hat huh- just a bit of silliness really!! ;)

  3. Lovely photos! SO jealous of your adventure! xx


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