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19 July 2012

Standing in the penthouse of the Verge Mayfair's new luxury apartments sipping champagne and leaning against the Italian sourced Herringbone wallpaper, I found myself thinking.. yep I could live like this... 

With views over Oxford Street these are the new luxury Mayfair apartments to hit the property and fashion scene, with interiors designed by the extremely talented Freddie van Zevenbergen.

The apartments, set in the heart of fashion land, just off Bond Street and Oxford Street are the shopaholics dream! I couldn't help but do a spot of Style Stalking while looking over spectacular views of central London.

I loved Anna's style, wearing one of the new Zara AW12 studded leather jackets, I can so imagine this chick living in the divine studio apartment, with the flat screen TV, which when needed, rises out of the marble tops and turns 360 degrees, so that you can watch it from anywhere in the room.  Swoooon!

I've always been a bit of a property geek and these apartments really hit every button, they were designed to such a high level that you couldn't help but think.. one day .. one day !!! But sadly while I'm in the fashion industry those days are a fair bit away. With the studio priced at 1.6 million, I think I may have to cut back on the shoe shopping if I'm going to be sleeping in that bed anytime soon!!!


  1. Oh i love that girls style! i need that jacket in my life!


  2. Cool apartments they souns very pimp, perfect place to entertain the ladies!

  3. Ps. would i be able to entertain you there?!

  4. This is a gorgeous look, I love the dress, so beautiful.

  5. the jacket looks awesome! I love the studs!

  6. nice outfit! your jacket is to die for!


  7. i like this post!! milda x

  8. that girl has gorgeous legs!

  9. The apartment is amazingly cool-just imagine the incredible parties one can throw in there.

    Ivy (fantasizing about living in an apartment as above)


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