Latitude Style Stalking

17 July 2012

This weekend the hills of Suffolk were brought to life by an impressive line up at Latitude, acts included Bon Iver, Metronomy, Lana Del Rey, Alt-J and Yeasayer. To my little Style Stalking delight the festival was bursting with some fabulously dressed festival fashionistas.. here are a few tips on how to spot them!
1. Cut off shorts, the shorter the better!! 2. 1960s retro chic glasses 3. Don a flower crown or fab headpiece 4. Don't forget the rock tee!

I love these chicks in their embroidered elephant baseball caps straight back from Thailand, adding to the awesome Ecover graffiti wall - here visitors could add their stamp to the wall by drawing whatever they wanted, mostly the brightly coloured pens went on the wall and not each other!!! 

Entrance into the mystical forest theatre.. if you're lucky you may even catch a glimpse of Mr Puck!

Rather addicted to Evo's festival pop up salon!

Loving Alpro's life size soya yogurt pot, with life size spoon and strawberries! Visitors were invited to sit in this.. Extremely fun!

I love this chicks effortlessly cool style and standing in the middle of the muddy puddle -the weekends main topic!!

I love festivals, everything from the atmosphere to the mud, but when comes to camping, no matter how much dry shampoo you use, you have to slightly forget about your hair and appearance for a couple of days! Well that's what I always thought.. Until this year, when I stumbled across Evo's awesome idea to set up a pop up hair salon and mocktail bar! Throughout the weekend campers can walk in and have a blow dry, hair cut  and styling, then head upstairs to use their products while sipping an Evo mocktail looking over great views of the festival. I was of course in and out of this place..

Evo, is the Australian haircare creation by Gavin Von Gavin, a scientist who has developed a range of products that are minus the bullshit marketing strategy that some other highstreet haircare brands embrace! Evo's is simply a straight talking truthful brand, as Gavin Von Gavin says 'they may not contain real honey' - love this straight talking attitude!!

It's evident that festival fashion and standing out amongst the crowd is key to a lot of visitors, therefore, Style Stalking at Latitude was a pretty easy thing to do.. Stylish festival goers were coming out of every crevice, this is so different to when I was a 17 yr old attending festivals in my wellies, jeans and baggy tees, basically anything you didn't mind getting wrecked! Nowadays as you can see from my pictures from today and yesterday, festival fashion can easily be identified - the cut off denims, rock chick tees, vintage glasses all scream 'i'm at a festival!' and I have to admit - I can't get enough, I totally love this style!

Fashion aside, having been a Latitude virgin, after this weekend I am totally hooked and will definitely be coming back next year.. and the year after .. and the year after that!!! You'll have to join me next time so I can style snap you!


  1. Love the henry holland tights in the first pic, i've wanted to get a pair for ages! she's very cool and cute boyfriend too!!!

  2. I love the flower head band you're wearing but why are there more pictures of you and what you're wearing?

    1. Thanks, loove the flower crowns wish i could wear one all the time!

  3. Really lovely blog! <3
    Thanks for your friend request on IFB :)
    Please check out my blog if you feel like it. I would really appreciate your comments :)

  4. so much rocker chic style in only one post, loves it :)
    i actually love these cut off purple shorts the best, I bought a pair like these just yesterday!

    btw you have an amazing blog!
    Wanna check mine too?


    1. Rock chic style is totally my favourite too hence i was in heaven surrounded by this lot!!!

  5. Evo sounds so cool, do they have salons in London?

    Awesome photos by the way.
    Ellie x

  6. I love festival style, it's always so much fun. Evo sounds interesting I may have to purchase some of their stuff when I get down under!


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