How Do You Like Your Eggs?

31 July 2012

Outside a chalk board reads 'I Can Resist Anything But Temptation', as I read this back, I instinctively change the last word to BREW!

In my opinion this is literally the best place for brunch in the whole of London! Brew is situated on the fashionable Northcote Road in Battersea and ever since I discovered this place I am totally addicted.

Ritually every Saturday (and Sunday depending on how hungover we are) we all descend from central London to feast on their Eggs Benedict, or Chorizo scrambled eggs, with side orders of treacle cured bacon or Portabello mushrooms cooked in balsamic vinegar with pesto. A personal fav of mine is simply the boiled eggs with their radioactive orange yolks served with sourdough soldiers.

Feeling rather hungover on Saturday, one of Brew's famous fresh juices did the trick setting me up for another crazy night.

Within the area this place is well known for its brunch, be prepared to queue a little and of course there are 'no reservations', but it is well worth it. The weekend brunch ritual is one of my favourite things and there are many fab places in London, which I plan to give you some of my favourites another time but honestly in my opinion, this place certainly (excuse the corniness) wins gold! ;)


  1. Holy moley, i'm dribbling, this place looks delicious!

  2. Photography is going from strength to strength darling & those eggs look divine! x

  3. Wow thanks for this, I live in south london and havent discovered this place yet! Must go and check it out

  4. Photos are gorgeous, but they are a little big....I'm always on my laptop and I can only see a couple of the photos in their entirity on one page. Just an FYI....I really enjoy your blog!

    1. Hi Lab10

      Thanks for the feedback, i'll check this out! So pleased you like the blog! :) x


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