A Fairytale Ending

12 July 2012

As the fairies circled over Six Fitzroy Square guests arrived in their best Georgian attire for what would be a night to remember..  

I was delighted to be invited by the Young Georgians of The Georgian Group, to attend their latest townhouse ball and a surprise party for the renowned and talented author Jodi Picoult.

I am a total sucker for anything fancy dress; give me an excuse to wear a corset and a tutu and I'm there baby! The theme for the party was 'A Royal Georgian Fairytale', so of course I came as a Georgian fairy and it's a well known fact that no fairy can attend an event without a partner in crime, therefore, I brought Rose as my fairy number two!!
As we fluttered around the party I couldn't help but do a little fancy dress style stalking ....

Prince Charming's worked their magic on the young Georgian ladies ... lucky us fairies were there to supervise!!!

This was a fabulous event and one of many that the handsome young boys from the Georgian Group organise. The Young Georgians, led by Oliver Gerrish, organise some excellent events and activities for the cool kids under the age of thirty. Alongside parties and other social events, there are regular trips to country houses, allowing access to private homes which are not normally open to the public.

I will certainly be signing up after this party, considering it is a mere £25 annually to join - fabulous days.. roll over Marie Antoinette, the Georgian fairy is here!! 

For our costumes, we hit one of the coolest fancy dress shops in London Angels Fancy Dress - this place is a treasure trove of excitement and well worth a cheeky visit!



  1. In the third pic those boys are rather good lookin may have to join the society just for them!!!!!

    ;) x

  2. look at your waist its tiny - how did you eat wearing that?

    Great pictures, it looked like a fun night also the costumes are really good, cool that people made such an effort! I want to go to the next one now!

    1. haha i didnt eat!!! i have such respect for the ladies that wore corsets everyday!

  3. Love this post, really nice pictures you have there. And can you give me the phone number of the man in the red jacket.;) He is so sexy.

    X Willemijn Sofie

  4. that looks like such a fun party!! I love dressing up lol

  5. looks so fun, your dress is gorgeous!


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