Swimming With Snow

27 June 2012

After a hectic last two weeks I was in much need of some heavy relaxation time, soo, this weekend I jumped on a plane to Chamonix for a quick spot of sun, swimming and snow! Fabulous days!

I was wearing my new high top stripy denims which I am utterly in love with from good old Topshop, worn with a light weight hoody by my fav New York designer Walter Baker.

 France is known for its fabulous markets and Chamonix is slightly special on this front, being on the other side of the mountain to Italy, every weekend market traders come over the mountain with their produce, therefore, you have a wonderful mix of Italian and French goodies. We hit this local market for breakfast and nibbled on delicious hams, salami’s and cheeses, severe heaven!

This market was one of the most picturesque markets I've ever been to, set under the impressive snow covered Mont Blanc.

Chamonix is commonly known for being one of France's ski-ing resorts but in the summer turns into the most beautiful walking area, this is exactly what we did. After breakfast we walked up into the mountains with the roaring glacier beside us, the views were unbelievable over the valleys and snow covered mountains.

After working up a sweat under the heat of the mid-day sun we crashed for the afternoon with a bottle of vino at the local hotel and spa.
OMG the pool was divine, half covered they had put reflective glass on the outside so it reflected the mountains, therefore, when swimming you could see the mountains from every direction.

I have to admit Chamonix totally blew me away, every view was breath-taking and the village had such a charm to it, it's impossible not to fall in love with!


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing these with us! Chamonix is such a lovely place we always go there for skiing! x

  2. It looks so beautiful, you lucky girl.

    Valentina de Pertis

  3. I love Chamonix - I've been going there to ski for the last two years and climb once a year for the last 4 years...Plus you can get the BEST Nutella crepes! Yum! x

  4. Lovely photos! Your best yet! xx

  5. Oh my word! It looks so beautiful! Very jealous! Hope you had a wonderful time :)
    Love those stripey shorts too x


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