Crazy About The BOY

19 June 2012

1970s London: 
Punks, Teddy boys, Mods, Rockers, Skins and New Romantics ruled the streets of the city and on the fashionable Kings Road, Chelsea the BOY was born!
“We just wanted to open a shop, call it BOY, start trouble”- Stephane Raynor

Created by Stephane Raynor and beloved by new romantics to Kings Road punks, from Andy Warhol to Boy George, his tees exploded onto the scene. ‘Stylists use BOY because of its credibility,’ says Raynor. ‘It’s hard to obtain and most importantly, it shouts “look at me, I’m damaged” or “look at me, I’m special” when you wear it.’ 

The Second World War had an amazing reaction on fashion and attitudes with tribe like groups reacting against each other, each developing their own unique dress codes to say something about themselves. Fashion was the only way to express how they felt about their society. The BOY logo heavily drawing on Pop art influence with a religious kitsch thrown in soon became cult! 

Unfortunately Raynor's original BOY London brand collapsed in the 1990s with the change of fashion movements and styling, but to every 21st century New Romantics delight The BOY is back! A collaboration between Stephane Raynor, Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney, the creative pair behind Long Clothing, has reinvented the brand and brought it back to the streets of London.

One afternoon on East London's, Redchurch Street, Rhys discovered Stephen's shop where he was still selling the vintage BOY tees, after their agreement to collaborate, the new designs started to be produced and sure enough like 30 years ago, BOY stormed back and is fast becoming yet again a cult fashion hit with celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessie J,  and Natalia Kills all supporting their BOY baseball caps!

Stocked in Selfridges and online these bad Boys are selling like hot cakes, so I was delighted to get my style mitts on one and now literally I am obsessed! Totally unlike any other tees I can actually understand why people go crazy for this brand, funnily enough it really does make you feel like you are a part of some kind of cult movement from decades ago... Stephane was right.. you wear it you feel 'look at me I'm special' !


  1. Wow such a cool t-shirt! stunning photos really cool blog!

    Sarah x

  2. i love BOY London i just got one of their t-shirts as well, i really want the leggings too.

    1. I agree i loove the leggings!! Such an awesome brand with so much fantastic history!x

  3. this is the coolest brand ever, such a statement, my tshirt are so on order!!

  4. wow, love it!
    Follow each other? :)


  5. I felt like a super star wearing the T shirts and what amazing photography!! Love it Alice!! <3


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