Burberry Prorsum Menswear SS13

27 June 2012

'Come Rain Or Shine' was the theme of this years Menswear Burberry Prorsum Show and believe me this collection would have brought sunshine to any rainy day!

The show started to the song 'Terrible Love' by Birdy which set the perfect Britishness aesthetic-ness to the start of the show which Bailey surrounds the brand in everyday. 

 Music included 'Crying' – Ren Harvieu, 'Something' – Ren Harvieu, 'Comforting Sounds' – Birdy.

From bombers, car jackets, field jackets to of course the classic trench in materials and colours which pushes fashion to the edge and is exactly the direction that this ever growing and exciting brand needs to go, to take it to the next step.

I loved this collection, it screams fun and playful with all the metallic colours and especially the shoes which had the coolest coloured soles - called 'Splash Soles' !

If you havent seen the show already check it ... I think you'll agree 'Burberry you done it again' - another fabulous collection!

(Non Instagram Photos Courtesy of Burberry) 

Swimming With Snow

After a hectic last two weeks I was in much need of some heavy relaxation time, soo, this weekend I jumped on a plane to Chamonix for a quick spot of sun, swimming and snow! Fabulous days!

I was wearing my new high top stripy denims which I am utterly in love with from good old Topshop, worn with a light weight hoody by my fav New York designer Walter Baker.

 France is known for its fabulous markets and Chamonix is slightly special on this front, being on the other side of the mountain to Italy, every weekend market traders come over the mountain with their produce, therefore, you have a wonderful mix of Italian and French goodies. We hit this local market for breakfast and nibbled on delicious hams, salami’s and cheeses, severe heaven!

This market was one of the most picturesque markets I've ever been to, set under the impressive snow covered Mont Blanc.

Chamonix is commonly known for being one of France's ski-ing resorts but in the summer turns into the most beautiful walking area, this is exactly what we did. After breakfast we walked up into the mountains with the roaring glacier beside us, the views were unbelievable over the valleys and snow covered mountains.

After working up a sweat under the heat of the mid-day sun we crashed for the afternoon with a bottle of vino at the local hotel and spa.
OMG the pool was divine, half covered they had put reflective glass on the outside so it reflected the mountains, therefore, when swimming you could see the mountains from every direction.

I have to admit Chamonix totally blew me away, every view was breath-taking and the village had such a charm to it, it's impossible not to fall in love with!

A Chase On The Rocks

25 June 2012

Recently I was invited to attend the launch of a fabulously British summer at Harvey Nichols in collaboration with Chase Vodka.

From the rolling hills of Herefordshire, the Chase Distillery came to Knightsbridge and re-styled the terrace bar at Harvey Nics; every nook and cranny screamed traditional English countryside. Certainly the bumpkin inside me felt very at home, with old wood framing pictures of the Hereford countryside and the distillery. 

We sipped delicious creations by the talented HN fifth floor bar manager Dominic Jacobs, a few that were just far too addictive for a Tuesday night included Gooseflower Fizz (Chase Vodka combined with Chase Elderflower Liqueur, Harvey Nichols Gooseberry Jam, lemon and honey topped with English Sparkling Wine) which went so well with the delicious nibbles; my foody weak spot - homemade mini pork pies!

The utterly divine and positively healthy; Marmalade Root Martini (Chase Marmalade Vodka shaken with fresh carrot juice, fresh parsley and lemon, with a dash of honey) totally one of your five a day darling!!

A fabulous evening hosted by the lovely James Chase, this was certainly the kind of launch party where you stayed no matter how long and tried every single cocktail! 

There is something rather special about The Chase Distillery, maybe because it's steeped in its English heritage, so much so this runs through to the the taste of the vodka and gin, cocktails do actually taste mouthwateringly different! A couple of my favourite places that make the most amazing Chase cocktails include the members club Quo Vadis in Soho and The Corinthia Hotel, but I have to admit Dominic's take a lot to beat and are the perfect end to a hard day of retail therapy!

Ladies Who Race...

22 June 2012

Yesterday I was invited along to attend Royal Ascot Ladies day for a flutter on the horses and one or five glasses of Champagne!

Vintage dress from 'Too Darn Hot Vintage'

While travelling to Ascot at 11am, coffee in one hand and champagne in the other I couldn't help admire the fabulous effort everyone who attends Ascot goes to when dressing. Once a year everyone has to adhere to the rules and sure enough they do.. Men in morning suits, women in hats and dresses below the knee! Everyone always looks amazing!

Ladies day is known as one of the best day for fashion and having the best hats! Therefore my Little style eye was going crazy and I was quite pleased with my Style Stalking, from green and red feathers to vintage flowers and lace there was some fab fashionistas there!!

After watching the Royal precession we headed back to the famous Turf Club for a divine lunch and yes moore champagne. The Turf club is one of London oldest gentleman's and has only recently allows women through it's doors! Whites Club still has a strict no women policy with the exception of their tent at Royal Ascot!! These two clubs are both present at Ascot and have their own betting booths and huge screens so you can relax, have a flutter on the odd race and enjoy the day in comfort!  Of course this isn't as wonderful as seeing the race in person so after lunch we headed back to the track for all the action!

Waiting for that perfect break in NYC

21 June 2012

I think I can safely say many people living in Manhatten are in someway or another waiting for their big break, but this is not the type of 'break' the talented photographer Romain Laurent was thinking about when he created his latest series L'horizon. Surfing in the big apple is certainly a pretty wacky concept and his series of photographs would leave most viewers wondering 'how was this possible?', well with a splash of the correct lighting, depth of field and some clever eye trickery he has created something which is overwhelmingly different. 

As the surreal theme runs through his work, he seems to be increasingly closing the gap between photographer and artist, with some of his work looking like it was created by a modern day Salvador Dali.  As our world develops digitally,  thus enabling artists and photographers to push boundaries they would never have been able to touch 100 years ago, Romain Laurent is certainly embracing our ever growing digital age and producing some truly breath-taking images. He is definitely worth regular stalking.

(Photographer; Romain Laurent. Source; Trendland.com)

Crazy About The BOY

19 June 2012

1970s London: 
Punks, Teddy boys, Mods, Rockers, Skins and New Romantics ruled the streets of the city and on the fashionable Kings Road, Chelsea the BOY was born!
“We just wanted to open a shop, call it BOY, start trouble”- Stephane Raynor

Created by Stephane Raynor and beloved by new romantics to Kings Road punks, from Andy Warhol to Boy George, his tees exploded onto the scene. ‘Stylists use BOY because of its credibility,’ says Raynor. ‘It’s hard to obtain and most importantly, it shouts “look at me, I’m damaged” or “look at me, I’m special” when you wear it.’ 

The Second World War had an amazing reaction on fashion and attitudes with tribe like groups reacting against each other, each developing their own unique dress codes to say something about themselves. Fashion was the only way to express how they felt about their society. The BOY logo heavily drawing on Pop art influence with a religious kitsch thrown in soon became cult! 

Unfortunately Raynor's original BOY London brand collapsed in the 1990s with the change of fashion movements and styling, but to every 21st century New Romantics delight The BOY is back! A collaboration between Stephane Raynor, Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney, the creative pair behind Long Clothing, has reinvented the brand and brought it back to the streets of London.

One afternoon on East London's, Redchurch Street, Rhys discovered Stephen's shop where he was still selling the vintage BOY tees, after their agreement to collaborate, the new designs started to be produced and sure enough like 30 years ago, BOY stormed back and is fast becoming yet again a cult fashion hit with celebrities such as Rihanna, Jessie J,  and Natalia Kills all supporting their BOY baseball caps!

Stocked in Selfridges and online these bad Boys are selling like hot cakes, so I was delighted to get my style mitts on one and now literally I am obsessed! Totally unlike any other tees I can actually understand why people go crazy for this brand, funnily enough it really does make you feel like you are a part of some kind of cult movement from decades ago... Stephane was right.. you wear it you feel 'look at me I'm special' !

My Strawberry Cupcake

14 June 2012

Back in 2010 a rather legendary little actress did a spot of modelling for a big fashion brand. Famous for battling with evil spells and other nasty creatures, she left this all behind and became the fashion icon she is today..  yes I'm talking about Miss Watson and her SS10 Burberry Prorsum campaign.

This was 'THE' trench that I always adored on Emma Watson and couldn't resist adding it to my collection!

Honestly this has to be my favourite Burberry trench, from the Emma Watson SS10 campaign it’s totally divine and being quite ‘girlie’ is not like anything else in my wardrobe. I always think although it’s great to have your own identifiable style, but it’s also great to spice things up and totally surprise people sometimes! In this trench I’m known by my friends as Miss Whippy or Strawberry Cupcake!!

Trench: Burberry Prorsum. Jeans; Gap.  Shoes; Burberry Prorsum. Necklace; Pebble.

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