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14 May 2012

Ask any fashion blogger what they enjoy most about street-style/outfit shoots and I’m sure most will say close ups! I love the way you can get some beautiful details that you wouldn't necessarily be able to get on full length shots. In my opinion this style of shot is essential! For any aspiring street-style photographers here are some key and very simply pointers when shooting outfits or street style photography!

1. Reflective lighting:  If you live in a country like I do that has dull weather pretty much all the time, you kind of have to like it or lump it… Soo tip when it’s dull don’t give up, ask your subject to stand against a white or cream wall (if there is one around) as any light will reflect off that and act exactly like the sun.

2. Shoot from multiple angles: It may seem obvious but the more picture you take the better and the more angles you experiment with in the short time you have especially with street style subject, (who you don’t know) take one from the same level, and one from below, play around!

3. Close ups: ALWAYS try and take these as they are gorgeous easy shots and with street style you can’t always guarantee the photograph will turn out to be perfect, so close ups are an easy fall back if something goes wrong.

4. Get shootin’: take lots, stop loads of people that you think are worth style stalking, daunting at first but it gets a lot easier by the end!

Here are some of my fav close ups over the past few months!


  1. Great blog post, Beautiful pics and excellent tips!

  2. i really like these shoes of urs!

    1. Thanks babe :) good old Aldo and their collaborations!


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