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18 May 2012

Yesterday I had to pop Notting Hill for a quick business meeting and what better place to hit than Daylesford Organic on Westbourne Grove. One of my favourite areas in London. They do the most amazing juices and salads – all organic oof course! And a pizza to die for! I love the place on weekends, it’s filled with yummy Notting Hill types and a place I am totally addicted to, just sitting outside chilling with friends all afternoon, the perfect place for some serious Style Stalking!

As you will notice, this post is far away from Style Stalking and more towards Gastro Stalking, so therefore, I would like you, my gorgeous readers, to be the first to know that I am merging my food blog; Gastro StreetStalker with my fashion blog! A decision I have made so I can concentrate properly on my two passions in life.. yep food and fashion daarling!!

Although I have had a colleague shout across the office ‘OMG you’re eating an ice cream, yum, I might just vom up my malteasers and go and get one!!!’  -he was kidding of course, as it’s kind of a myth that people who work in fashion eat nothing but sugar snap peas and carrots, I myself is the number one fatty of all fatties and adore eating out as much as I love shopping.. So I have the pleasure to say…

Come and Stalk me on my fabulous food and fashion journey!


  1. Ooooo looking forward to the merger! They are the two greatest F's Food and Fashion! x

  2. Woohoo! Food & fashion, a match made in heaven.
    Plus this means fashionistas can enjoy the food, with none of the calories!
    We'll just live through you, Miss Alice! xx

  3. Love it!
    Please follow us at http://lifeofmiamy.blogspot.co.uk/ - two girls' lifestyle blog! XX

  4. Awesome! Can't wait! Love your blog


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