DIY: Studded Converse

29 May 2012

As you have probably gathered, studded converse are so hot right now! Therefore, I thought I would show you just how easy they are to make.. so you have absolutely no excuse! 

All you need is:
Studs - however many depending on how studded you would like it, I used 20, 10 on each side. 
Screw driver
Small pliers 
Small pair of nail scissors

Firstly make your holes in the converse, I just used a pair or nail scissors but you can use anything that will do the same job. remember to make the holes small.

Push through the material the screw part of stud. Then simply tightly screw the stud top onto the bottom part. Soo easy!!

I am totally addicted to my studded converse they look great with everything and this is a great way to funk up an old pair! Obviously you can put as many studs on as you like depending on how hardcore you want to be, personally I'm a 'less is more' kinda chick! You can buy the studs from Ebay and there are plenty of distributors in Hong Kong that will send them with free delivery.

Try it and see how easy it is! Warning though once you start studding you'll never go back!!!

If the thought of making these is too daunting, let me make them for you!! I do bespoke studded converse here.


  1. Thanks a lot for following my blog!!! I happily follow back on Bloglovin!!! xoxo

    1. Well I wouldnt have followed if i didn't think it was tres cool!! ;)

  2. These are soo cool! you've inspired me to get some studs for my old worn out converse now! thanks! x

  3. love studded converse, and the one you did are great!

  4. this is sooo preeeetyyy! i love the pics xx

  5. I just made a black pair myself. I <3 <3 them

    1. Ohh I was actually about to do a pair of blacks, maybe with gold or gun metal grey studs! As i said .. Sooo addictive!

  6. Where did you buy the studs? I can't find them anywhere D:

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