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28 May 2012

What can say.. wow what a fabulous weekend! The whole of London was in happy summer mode as the rain clouds departed and left us with sweltering hot weather, the perfect reason to don our bikini’s for some serious sun worshipping and hit the Chelsea Flower Show for some horticultural Style Stalking!

The shirt I’m wearing is one of my own creations, worn with pastel blue skinnies all the way from H&M!

Baking time! Cleo's are the awesome Ray Ban wayfarer and mine are vintage 1960s Mulberry

'Girl's did we drink all the vodka... Oops!'

Sooo good to don my Aztec-ish bikini which I found in Peter Jones, who have a surprisingly great swimwear section!

 For more Style Stalking to Sunworshipping - Check out my instagram baby ;) !

The weekend started for me with a stroll round the beautiful Chelsea Flower Show after work courtesy of Grand Designs. You may think of the Chelsea Flower show is an event filled with OAPs in their linen suits and flowery dresses but this is far from the case, these days youngsters are visiting the show to see how far you can push the boundaries of gardening! From city gardens of beautiful fox gloves with backdrops of graffiti and old clapped out cars which were turned into plant pots (won Silver), to Mini Coopers covered in moss and flowers (won Gold), to Chinese gardens filled with orchids, this show is definitely one to visit! Although book quickly as tickets sell out often before realise dates!!

Saturday we hit the park with our P15 and picnics for some much needed bake time! Fabulous days!


  1. Wow such pretty pictures! beauitful weather wasn't it! We spent the whole weekend in the park too.


  2. Cool Style & Blog!!!! Follow each other on BLOGLOVIN & GFC??? xoxo from Rome

  3. Yes totally agree Chelsea flower show rocks I went with my mum this year and it was great fun! I loved that mini cooper as well!!!

    1. Yes I know and how amazing were those exotic orchids! One day my garden will be like that!! ;)



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