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16 May 2012

With the summer approaching and events popping into my diary for the forthcoming months, I thought this would be the perfect excuse to hit the Dover Street Market shopping festival for a spot of retail therapy!

Dover Street Market is one of my shopping and visually merchandised heavens – famed for showcasing well known and emerging designers in a truly unforgettable atmosphere in their highly conceptually designed showroom in Mayfair.
For their festival they were selling eight years’ worth of their archive, therefore, appropriately calling it The Dover Street Market Museum! But this was far from old museum items displayed behind glass cases this was rails of all things Commes heaven!  Set in an underground warehouse, rails were sculpted out of scaffolding and held items which were on sale for 70% – 75% off their retail value, displayed alongside were installations of boats, trunks and garment mannequins. One of my favourite areas was the ‘pay area’ not an area I adore normally as I see the 4 figure sum pop up on the credit card machine, but this was in the well-lit reception area with an enormous sculpture of an octopus and awesome Comme des Garçons posters all around the pay points.

Browsing around the sale I was accompanied by fellow fashion obsessed individuals and couldn’t help but Style Stalk a couple, especially the coolest dude (a stylist of course!) wearing one of the timelessly iconic Comme des Garçons Shirts, which have been re-editing and brought back lately after popular demand – Mr Bear we love you!
The second style savvy individual I stalked was a fashion designer, her t-shirt which caught my eye was her own masterpiece of course!

In true Dover Street Market style this sale wiped the board of previous sales I have attended and is definitely worth watching out for in the future.. warning though if you’re trying to behave yourself and not shop… don’t torture yourself, leave the credit card at home!!!


  1. Looks awesome, thanks for sharing this!


  2. Hello beauty,

    We love u pictures... are amazing! ^_^


    1. Thanks darling! It's a dangerously wonderful sale though!!

  3. Love your pictures! This sale sounds so cool must go next year!

  4. This looks amazing and sounds sooo cool! Really wish I could see it :/


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