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30 May 2012

This seasons Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 ad campaign celebrates three important things to the brands identity – Britishness, London and the Burberry heritage of weather protection in its most cinematic shoot to date. This was shot at the iconic Royal Naval College in Greenwich, by no other than the worlds renowned fashion photographer, Mario Testino. The campaign features black and white cinematic multimedia content including images and short films, to be revealed across the brand’s online and offline platforms throughout the season.

At night, under the stars and the creative direction of Christopher Bailey, British sweethearts; Gabriella Wilde and Roo Panes introduced the Autumn Winter Burberry Prorsum, London and Brit collections, the campaign highlights men’s and women’s iconic outerwear, which is at the heart of all Burberry collections.

Gabriella Wilde, an actress who you may have seen in films such as The Three Musketeers, St Trinian’s 2 and the TV series Doctor Who, was accompanied by the gorgeous melt at the knees British Musician, Roo Panes who is Burberry Acoustic's latest musical protégé.

This campaign screams atmosphere and Britishness, and is one of my favourite campaigns to date! If you’re waiting for this brand to slow down and stop producing breath-taking collections and campaigns – you’ll be waiting a very long time!!!

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign breaks on 1 June 2012

Images: © Copyright Burberry/Testino

DIY: Studded Converse

29 May 2012

As you have probably gathered, studded converse are so hot right now! Therefore, I thought I would show you just how easy they are to make.. so you have absolutely no excuse! 

All you need is:
Studs - however many depending on how studded you would like it, I used 20, 10 on each side. 
Screw driver
Small pliers 
Small pair of nail scissors

Firstly make your holes in the converse, I just used a pair or nail scissors but you can use anything that will do the same job. remember to make the holes small.

Push through the material the screw part of stud. Then simply tightly screw the stud top onto the bottom part. Soo easy!!

I am totally addicted to my studded converse they look great with everything and this is a great way to funk up an old pair! Obviously you can put as many studs on as you like depending on how hardcore you want to be, personally I'm a 'less is more' kinda chick! You can buy the studs from Ebay and there are plenty of distributors in Hong Kong that will send them with free delivery.

Try it and see how easy it is! Warning though once you start studding you'll never go back!!!

If the thought of making these is too daunting, let me make them for you!! I do bespoke studded converse here.

City Sun Goddesses

28 May 2012

What can say.. wow what a fabulous weekend! The whole of London was in happy summer mode as the rain clouds departed and left us with sweltering hot weather, the perfect reason to don our bikini’s for some serious sun worshipping and hit the Chelsea Flower Show for some horticultural Style Stalking!

The shirt I’m wearing is one of my own creations, worn with pastel blue skinnies all the way from H&M!

Baking time! Cleo's are the awesome Ray Ban wayfarer and mine are vintage 1960s Mulberry

'Girl's did we drink all the vodka... Oops!'

Sooo good to don my Aztec-ish bikini which I found in Peter Jones, who have a surprisingly great swimwear section!

 For more Style Stalking to Sunworshipping - Check out my instagram baby ;) !

The weekend started for me with a stroll round the beautiful Chelsea Flower Show after work courtesy of Grand Designs. You may think of the Chelsea Flower show is an event filled with OAPs in their linen suits and flowery dresses but this is far from the case, these days youngsters are visiting the show to see how far you can push the boundaries of gardening! From city gardens of beautiful fox gloves with backdrops of graffiti and old clapped out cars which were turned into plant pots (won Silver), to Mini Coopers covered in moss and flowers (won Gold), to Chinese gardens filled with orchids, this show is definitely one to visit! Although book quickly as tickets sell out often before realise dates!!

Saturday we hit the park with our P15 and picnics for some much needed bake time! Fabulous days!

Sun, Sex and Sequins

25 May 2012

There are some items/materials which never really seem to go out of fashion.. Skinny jeans, leather jackets, cut off denim and of course the ultimate- Sequins!
This was exactly what caught my eye on this little fashionista! I'm in love with her sequin jacket.. Looking like a designer creation I was delighted when those beautiful words were uttered when I asked her where it was from.. "oh only Topshop"!

Awesoome I can't eat this month and buy the jacket! ;)

Jacket; Topshop, Jeans; Forever 21; Over Knee Boots; Theory, Bag; Topshop

My Inner 1970s Band Aid

24 May 2012

"We are not Groupies. Groupies sleep with rockstars because they want to be near someone famous. We are here because of the music, we inspire the music. We are Band Aids."
Penny Lane

I always say I should have been in my twenties during either the 1970s... this post is a homage to my inner 'Band Aid', which of course I would have been during this era, supporting the rock bands such as Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin not as 'Groupies' but as a muse and a true lover of the music! Yes for anyone who has seen the legendary 'Almost Famous', this term is directly out of the film, Kate Hudson plays one of the 'Band Aids' called Penny Lane; if you haven't seen this film, stop looking at my blog and get onto LoveFilm right away!!!!

So as soon as Mr Sun popped out from the clouds on Tuesday, like an excited child I ran and chucked on some of my fav pieces from my summer wardrobe!

We all have a certain style which we are 100% comfortable in ... This easy, rock style look is totally me, give me a pair of leather trousers and a vintage band tee anyday!!

So if you could have been 20 in another decade what would it have been?!!

Tee & Cut off shorts; Vintage. Shearling lined gilet; Topshop. Wedges; Julian Louie for Aldo.  

The Prorsum Black Sheep

23 May 2012

It's been a while since I've done some HQ Style Stalking, but no fear I have some fabulous Prorsum Stalking coming up and what better way to bring Burberry-Stalking back than to blog about this gorgeous black sheep, perfectly worn by our Russian Princess Olga

From the Prorsum collection AW... I love this coat and turn green with envy every time I see it coming into the office!!!

A Pinch Of Chicha At Ceviche

22 May 2012

'Babe don't eat that yet I haven't photographed it!' - The responding look!

Set in the trendy streets of Soho, and all under one roof you can delve deep into the relaxed and playful spirit of the Peruvian people. Ceviche opened not so long ago and buzzes with personality and atmosphere. A beautiful glass skylight brings natural light to the restaurant with its dark wooden flooring and colourful posters that hang amongst old photographs steeped with family history perhaps, who knows!

The food at Ceviche is an art, which their talented chefs take great pride in perfecting; as they casually say: ‘You need the freshest raw fish, just enough Peruvian lime, a chilli kick and a pinch of ground sea salt. That’s just what’s in it. How you make it, the methods and timings, are ingredients in their own right.’
From the raw fish which is just to die for and in my opinion the ‘new sushimi’.. to the sizzling barbecued anticuchos, super salads and juicy saltados, the people at Ceviche care about every single ingredient! Martin Morales the main man behind the restaurant explains to me after our delicious supps.. ‘Ceviche is serious about our food but with a lot of chicha (that’s Peruvian for fun and playful). Non-exclusive, here we cook with love.’

What he says was all too obviously in the food, thinly sliced seabass in aji amarillo chilli tiger milk with cancha corn literally melted in our mouths and the ‘Tequenos’ which are Wanton fritters filled with aji de gallina chicken and aji amarillo chilli, were literally to die for! All washed down with one of their famous Pisco Sour’s (or three!)

This place is a well worth a visit and I think you will agree you soon will become rather hooked on Ceviche’s Chicha!!

17 Frith Street,
London W1D 4RG

24/7 Style Stalking

21 May 2012

New Burberry Prorsum Sunnies

Burberry Bespoke in progress

Best coffee in London

Afternoon napping

Cocktails at Quo Vadis Soho - Yum!

You know my fetish for anything studded!

Current Obsessed with the new Liberty Print Nike Wedges!

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No surprises I'm thoroughly addicted!

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