DIY Dipping

16 April 2012

Recently you may have noticed a popular fashion faze that's going round.. from hair to clothing people are going mad for a spot of dip dye!

I've wanted to try out this idea for ages, it's a great to liven up a pair of jeans. After searching high and low for the perfect pair, I discovered these cool ones in H&M. Dip dying is really easy all you need is...

One pair of jeans
Fabric Dye - Any colour you want, I used 'Antique grey'
Table Salt

Firstly erect a way of hanging the trousers from the legs so that the top of the jeans hang evenly into the bucket of die, then just follow the instructions of the fabric dye. It's that easy and a great way to put your own stamp on a high street item.. it's also very addictive so no doubt by the end of the season my entire wardrobe would have been dyed in some way or another!

(Top three images courtesy of Oracle Fox, Street Peeper & They Hate Us All)


  1. Love love love this!
    I might have to give it a go! xx

  2. Awesome idea. So trying this too!

  3. These turned out so great! It's one of my favourite DIY's to do too, it's definitely addictive tho, so much of my wardrobe has been dyed now!

  4. They look great!
    Love your blog



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