Barcelona Day Three: True Loewe Love

26 April 2012

 The Amazon bag prejection wall

The Spanish dancer

Inspiration for the window display came from Gaudi's upside down architecture

Loewe's most iconic window

Loewe has always been one of my favourite, almost fantasy brands and at the moment I could only dream about owning one of their divine bags. So hence when I was strolling down Passeig de Gracia my face lit up like an excited child when I discovered the Loewe Gallery, a permanent exhibition and homage to the great brand.

Loewe, a brand highly respected within the fashion industry not only for its heritage but also its exquisite designs and craftsmanship. The artisans themselves are artists and their legendary Amazon bag takes over 8 hours to be constructed. The Amazon bag is Loewe’s iconic bag and has been reinvented with different colours and patterns from when it was first created in 1975.  The brand dates all the way back to middle ages and has been adored by figures such as Eva Peron and many more.

Every part of this exhibition was heaven! On the first floor was one of my favourtite parts, a wall of Amazon bags with a projection over them of the different colours and patterns of all the different bags ever made. On the downstairs level was a homage to the beautiful silk scarves, for these Loewe would get his inspirations from Spanish butterflies, architecture and bullfighting. At the end of the room was an installation of a huge silk scarf surrounded by powerful fans, this would whip the scarf up into the air to symbolise a Spanish dancer. On another level was a recreation of one of Loewe’s most famous windows created Jose Perez de Rozas, who was Loewe art director from 1943 -78, an icon of his time.. Simply stunning!

Overall this exhibition was amazing and is well worth a visit if you are ever in Barcelona but if you are anything like me, warning: you will walk away thinking about selling your car to buy an Amazon bag!!

Apologies for the photo quality, the faithful iPhone had to come out for this one!

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