Parisian StyleStalking

5 March 2012

This weekend I said goodbye to the London smoke and Bonjour to the streets of Paris, as I hit the city for Fashion Week. This is first of a series of my Parisian fashion highlights, but with a slight twist than the usual Fashion week posts that are coming out at the moment. I decided to not do the usual style snapping outside the shows because frankly, come on that’s what everyone is doing!  Instead I will be blogging about how the city changes around Fashion Week , from Merci to L eclaireur, how they adapt their visuals for this special time and of course a dash of Style StreetStalking along the way!

Firstly let’s start with some hard-core StyleStalking, with these divine Chanel biker boots! What  more can I say.... In Love, In a big way!!!!


  1. *WANT* they are beautiful!


  2. Looking forwards to seeing the photos of Paris, I'm really glad you are doing something different. Love the boots as well :p

  3. I love the boots.... nice blog btw. Am following you know. Check out mine if you like and feel free to join too, I would realy love to have you on board! xo, Steph


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