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30 March 2012

Last weekend although beautifully relaxing was a bit of an upsetting one, as my faithful friend of 6 years died before my very eyes.. yes of course I’m talking about my Macbook! Frantic tweets later I was informed the grey screen with a question mark in the middle (yes Apple you have a great sense of humour!!) meant my darling little white vintage Macbook had gone to the great digital playground in the sky!

So while waiting for my shiny new Macbook Pro to arrive, my iPhone has been faithful friend and glued to my style stalking hand all week! This is our week together, from silver martini glasses at Chelsea brassiere, to chill out time at my favourite luxury cinema in Bayswater- The Lounge, the week has been a lovely one with to die for weather. Style stalking included the gorgeous new Alexa Mulberry bag, some Neon stalking on my walk into work, what I wore to work that day, finally ending with a photo in front of my new car!!!-kidding kido’s, check out the number plate though!

It’s been hectic but fun week as usual and will be next week as well, which I may just do another post like this as I rather enjoyed it and have become totally hooked on my tumblr and instagram!  

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  1. Hello! Where is that red skirt from in the last picture? Loving your blog ;) Xxxx


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