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8 March 2012

Paris, known for it's deep fashion roots, with some of the worlds most famous designers, no surprises it has an impressive selection of shops which would send any shopaholic into a comma of excitement!!

One store in particular is famous amongst fashion lovers, opened in March 2009, Merci dreamt up by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen (who started and later sold, Bonpoint) created a 16,000 Sq foot concept store and a new design mecca filled with interiors and fashion. What makes it even better though, Merci is the first “Charity Store” in France, this means that 100% of their profits go to a charity association helping women and kids in Madagascar. From Isabel Marant, Azzaro, Stella McCartney, Kris Van Assche to Paul Smith all help to create Merci, by offering unique pieces, 30 to 40% below the selling point of their own store!

As I wandered around the store the little visual merchandiser inside me was turning into am excited child, everything about this concept store is fascinating from it's beautifully selected colour palate for it's rails, to it's unique way of displaying it's scarves in flower covered suitcases, this burst of colour is one of the first things you notice. Merci known for its amazing displays, changes them regularly but this one is extra special.. this one is for Fashion Week. Hanging from the glass roof are beautifully crafted dress structures, made out of super fine wood and covered in vibrant coloured handmade tissue flowers. Looking up at them you feel like your looking up the couture skirt of model about to launch down the runway, but instead of legs there is a huge flower ball emphasising the extravagance of colour and texture of this installation.
In line with these dresses the store is littered with printed wooden flower crates, as well as Merci's iconic car, an old Cinquecento, which is positioned in the private courtyard outside the store. The mass of flowers and plants is perfectly set up for the spring season coming.
From vintage and new fashion to highly designed furniture to a flower and coffee shop, to a buzzing lunch restaurant, this place is heaven set in this 18th century building in the heart of Paris. We grabbed lunch in the restaurant, food only fit for a fashionista, the salads and juices were to die for and I go on about this on my food blog. For my Merci visit I wore huge cashmere scarf; Louis Vuitton, jacket; Zara, jeans; Toast, boots; All Saints, bag; Anya Hindmarch. 

This place is worth a visit even if you have been previously, they change their visuals so frequently it feels like you are walking into a new store every time.

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais  75003 Paris, France

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  1. it looks like a wonderful store!!! can't wait to visit Paris soon


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