Fashion or Art?

27 March 2012

There are some designers within the fashion world that push the barriers between art and fashion to such an extent that some would say the pieces become un-wearable or exclusively for the fashion extreme, others would say the boundaries are there to be pushed, the types of Anna Dello Russo would strongly agree with the later, I also would!

I have always been obsessed with crazy eye-wear designers but at the moment I can’t get enough of this  talented duo, Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen are the creative brains being Mercury NYC.  Previously they designed metal body sculptures and art at the Hotel Chelsea in the mid 1970's, artwork included one of a kind fantasy jewellery, metal dresses, bustiers, gauntlet cuffs, headdresses, crowns, metal hoods, and eye-wear.

Now they continue to design truly unique eye-wear and on this shoot have worked with the talented photographer Joshua Scott to create these surreal photographs.

Photographs courtesy of Trendland

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  1. That model is all kinds of beautiful ! Love those glasses with the little monkeys on the side.

    These glasses are awesome and fun and a bit crazy but functional too, I think everyone should wear a little bit of crazy every day. Molly xo


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