LFW: What Would ADR Wear?

23 February 2012



Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Elvis Presley.. All names that you can say anywhere in the world and people would know who you were talking about!  Well within the fashion world there is one person that honestly if you didn't know who she was I'd suggest swatting up!- Oh yes it's Anna Dello Russo!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of being in her company for a glorious 2 hours, during a talk she was giving at Shoreditch House with an intimate audience of 50.  Anna also known as ADR, previously editor for Italian Vogue and now editor in chief of Japan Vogue, she is a style icon like no other. Her relationship with fashion bloggers is amazing, as her outfits send us all into a flurry of excitement as she stops or even poses in the streets going to and from to shows, for street style photographers. Unlike other members of the fashion media who refuse to accept this new form of media, Anna calls bloggers the 'fashion democracy', as online becomes more prominent with blogger and tweeters giving up to the minute fashion reporting unlike monthly print media.  She has an inspiring positive view on fashion devoting her life to the magazine, her personal style and her blog.. As well as having a family!!

With over 8000 pairs of shoes, Anna Dello Russo in her own words "has no limits with fashion", she will often wear the entire look off the runway; why change perfection! For the menswear shows... Yes of course she wears suits, or highly tailored masculine pieces! Also this style icon takes a mere 45 minutes to get ready in the morning!

I adore her outlook on fashion; "express yourself through fashion, break the rules and don't be lazy!" her words I found an inspiration and even this morning I woke up thinking, yes I could wear something easy, black and boring.. But that would be totally the opposite of my character.

So when your next thinking what to wear, ask yourself 'What Would Anna Wear'?!! 

Non 'Style Streetstalker' watermarked photos courtesy of Tommy Ton, Bryan Boy and Style by Kling

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  1. So jealous you go to see her live - what was she like?


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