29 February 2012



I have to admit, I am a complete T-shirt addict, anything which is vaguely eye catching, I jump on it like a tiger! This one I spotted on a website that I am utterly obsessed with at the moment called WIWT.com - 'What I Wore Today', perfect for the likes of me who are constantly taking pictures of different outfits I wear, yes I admit... this website brings out the 'mildly' vain side of me but in all seriousness it's a great way to record looks.
I Whore Tees is a relatively new company but their branding is spot on, even the packaging is awesome; I excitedly opened the bright metallic pink jiffy bag, to find the tee wrapped in tissue paper with IWhoretees sickers sealing it. I've already set my heart on the next t-shirt but of course it's sold out.. Soo intend to check the website every day until it comes in again!!

For this outfit I wore, leather jacket from All Saints, Tee; IWhoreTees, Jeans; J Brand, studded boots by Russell and Bromley, and my hat crush this week is my vintage Von Dutch leather and mesh baseball cap!


  1. Love the boots! Cute outfit :)

  2. Aren't u just gorgeous. Naughty little t shirt i want one...

    Emily x

  3. loving that tee, great look all together!


  4. IWhoreTees haha that's funny, your tee is really ace!

    Jade x

  5. What a lovely blog!!!... and shoes! :-) x



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