Is That Louis Vuitton Bag Looking At Me?!

7 February 2012

Louis Vuitton have hit new heights of crazy with their latest collaboration with British artist Billie Achilieos to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Louis Vuitton SLG Savoir Faire collection. These strange but helariously adorable creatures are designed and made out of LVs accessories and handbags. Too see how he made them check out his blog, it's fantastic!

My favourite has to be the chameleon.. what's yours!?

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  1. Ahh! I find these both strange & gross, but I also quite want one... Hah! I think the armadillo & cat are my favourites!

  2. They are seriously amazing, I love the beetle and the chameleon but my favourite's the cat.

    : ]

  3. those are so cool, I love the rooster!!


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