Chelsea Farmers Market & Cocomaya

12 February 2012


Being a country bumpkin in London, as soon as I get whiff of a farmers market I'm there like a shot! My closest market is Chelsea, Kings Road and in my opinion the best in London. From oysters, to chorizo burgers, to morrocan flat bread, this place is fab for lunch, or to stock up on meat for the week with organic beef, pork and sausages.

Marina joined me at the market and to warm up we grabbed a 'Big Smoke' tea at one of my favourite cafes called Cocomaya, where they serve your tea in beautiful old fashioned 'Alice In Wonderland' style cups and tea pots. Oh and their chocolate is to die for too! I adore Marina's ring, it's from Bex Rox, this designer I am totally obsessed with, a must check out!

For more on Chelsea Market check out my little food blog Gastro StreetStalker.


  1. Favourite post so far! Gorgeous.
    Where is Marina's coat from? xx

  2. Looks amazing, i definitely need to check that one out next time> i always go to the Marylebone one ,as its the closest to me, also very nice!

    x L.

  3. Where do I begin, Love the hat, obsessed with the ring and am an addict of tea!! Big Crush on you!!! xx, Alison @crushworthymoms

  4. ohh that hat in the first picture is SO COOL. i want one!!

  5. Where is that ring from?!
    Some lovely pictures..
    Emily x


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