Debut Launch of Tee By A.T.

16 January 2012

I have been super excited for quite a while about this post, this is the launch of my new T-shirt label Tee by A.T.

This is the first limited edition collection of 10 exclusively customised designs of the iconic I love NY tees. My thoughts behind this first collection came from my obsession with NYC, when I was there earlier in the year I picked up one of the I heart NY tees, which I have always thought are so cool considering they are targeted at tourists – I hate to admit but an ‘I love London’ t-shirt just doesn’t have the same charm does it!

With all my t-shirts I buy for myself, however cool they are, I instantly rip the sleeves off, stud them, dye them, sew into them, just to make the item stand out from the crowd. These T-shirts are just this… they all have completely different customisations and also out of this collection of 10 I have two special ones for bespoke requests, for example if you like the zip on the back of the tee from one design and the studs from another, let me know and I will make one up especially for you. Everything on the tee is hand sewn/studded/dyed. Prices range from £18 - £30 depending on the amount of detail.

I haven’t included all the designs on this post so therefore, if you are interested please email me or tweet me ;) and I will send over my mini lookbook!! Tees are also available to buy on ASOS Marketplace.


  1. Love the zipped look! I'm sure these will be flying off the racks.

  2. Love these! I'm guilty of doing this too, even my nice/expensive tees end up this way in the end! I think the grey one is my favourite!


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